Espresso Cappuccino

There is nothing quite like waking up to a nice espresso cappuccino, or if you prefer an espresso latte or even an espresso macchiato. Hell, I’ll sometimes start off my day with just a plain old espresso. Made from espresso pods if I’m bleary eyed or I’ll grind my own espresso coffee beans if I’m awake enough to figure out what I’m doing. So grab your espresso cappuccino and let’s sit down and chat about how best to make your favorite espresso beverages using nothing more than magic and a good cappuccino espresso maker. I’ve got a suspicion that might help us.

What is espresso cappuccino?

An espresso cappuccino of course is a drink that has both espresso and milk. The cappuccino part means that the milk is frothed with steam so that it becomes hot and velvety. The idea with a cappuccino is that you’re looking to add up about half steamed milk and half delicious smooth foam on top of your solo espresso or if you’re like me, your doppio espresso. Now the espresso cappuccino is a fairly simple and straightforward coffee beverage. However, there is a lot that can go wrong and this is why it is important to practice and have help. And this is where an espresso cappuccino machine can come in handy. To help streamline the process.

To me, the most important parts of the espresso cappuccino are the espresso beans which you can use either as freshly ground espresso beans or you can espresso coffee pods. Depending on your type of espresso cappuccino maker, you might need ESE coffee pods, Keurig coffee pods or the Senseo coffee pod. Though to be strictly honest with you, I’d encourage you to use the first kind rather than the latter two. The latter two coffee pads require specific machines that in my humble opinion are not designed to make the same quality of espresso cappuccino as you would get from a DeLonghi espresso machine or other semi automatic espresso machines. And the easiest way to start off would be to use an espresso pod for the espresso cappuccino while you practice your steam wand skills in foaming the milk.

Once you are a foam fanatic you can then practice different skills with espresso. Using espresso coffee beans that are ground, then grinding your espresso beans yourself. From there you can try different beans like Brazilian coffee or even, if you’re crazy like me and have money to burn, 100 Kona coffee. Lastly, if you like and you decide to get there, you can start trying to buy wholesale coffee beans or green coffee beans and roasting them yourself at different roast profiles and playing around. It’s fun and not as intimidating as it might sound!

Machines to help you make espresso cappuccino beverages

Lastly, I’d like to just quickly discuss the few options you have when it comes to your espresso cappuccino machines. The first, and most manual is the stove top espresso maker which requires ground espresso and water and heat. Nothing else. These type of espresso cappuccino coffee maker is also known as the Moka pot. I’ve included a picture to the left so you see what I’m talking about. Most of you will be familiar them. I like the espresso or for that matter the coffee that is produced from them, but they are controversial in the coffee snob circle :). Perhaps I’ll write in more detail about them at a later date.

The second kind of cappuccino machine that you might be interested for your espresso cappuccino is the manual cappuccino maker. Examples of this type of espresso maker include the Gaggia Evolution, Gaggia Baby as well as many dual coffee makers that include both a coffee carafe and espresso option. This type of espresso machine is a great option if you’re keen to experiment and learn how to make your own espresso cappuccino as time goes by. More work, more clean up, but in my opinion, more fun.

The last kind are the variety of semi automatic espresso machines including the super automatic machines. The espresso cappuccino makers will do practically everything for you except drink your espresso cappuccino :). Depending on the style and kind you get, and how much you want to pay, which can easily go into the thousands, these espresso and cappuccino machines will grind, tamp, brew, steam/froth your milk and pour it all into one glass for you. Many a DeLonghi espresso cappuccino maker are like this, including the DeLonghi Magnifica. Other options and manufacturers include the Gaggia Syncrony Logic, Saeco Primea, Saeco Primea Touch Plus as well as the Saeco Talea, Saeco Talea Giro and the Jura Capresso.

Hope that helps fellow coffee connoisseurs. There is an espresso machine out there for everyone. You just have to figure how involved and intimate you want to become in making your espresso cappuccino.