Dualit Coffee Grinder

The Dualit coffee grinder. I must confess that before I was getting involved with cappuccino machines, the stainless steel coffee press and vacuum coffee makers, I was unaware of this company called Dualit. So before we get into the nuts and bolts about the Dualit coffee grinder let’s take a moment to talk about the history of this company so we have some basis from which to launch our article. Dualit is a British manufacturing company of kitchen appliances for both consumer and commercial use. Although their focus has historically been on the commercial market. The company was founded in the late 1940’s by a German fellow who fought in the war on Allies’ side. His name was Max Gort-Barten and he had some ideas for products he wanted to manufacture and engineer. One of those gave name to the company, and this idea was the Dual-Light electric fire which gave its name to Dualit.

The quality of the Dualit coffee grinder

Dualit has become especially renowned for their toasters which are simple, enduring mechanical devices which out last most of the competition and which are easily fixable with replacement parts. I find this very refreshing and environmentally forward thinking. In fact, three of their products have won awards in recent years. The first is the Dualit Vario toaster which won the Design Superstars 2008 Good Housekeeping Award. In 2009 the Dualit food processor won The Which? Best Buy award. And most importantly for us, the Dualit Espressivo semi automatic cappuccino machine won the 2009 The Which? Best Buy award too.

Dualit coffee grinder is another great product that they’ve produced. Doing the research for this company I’m very inspired by the company itself, still privately held by Max’s son Leslie, with their focus on quality and sustainability. Some of the small little things that Dualit does with their website is make it very easy to navigate. You can check them out here. They also don’t overwhelm you with a ton of different products, their line is condensed and focused on core products which I like. They also have little tips and tricks and how to’s to help you use your kitchen appliances more effectively.

Pros of the Dualit coffee grinder

But back to the Dualit coffee grinder. I like this coffee grinder because it offers a large bean hopper of 250 grams and offers portion control. So if you only want to grind enough espresso coffee beans for say 6 cups you can do that. This is not your grandfather’s manual coffee grinder or hand coffee grinder and I don’t believe it is meant as a commercial coffee grinder. Though knowing their quality, you could probably get away with using the Dualit coffee grinder for limited commercial purposes. It is a conical burr coffee grinder which as you’ve heard me talk about before, is the best for the most even and consistent coffee grind. Not only that, but the Dualit coffee grinder has easily removable burrs, making cleaning a snap. There is also a safety cut out to help prevent damage caused by errand stones that are sometimes found in wholesale coffee beans. And you get your choice of 13 grind settings from the Dualit coffee grinder from coarse for French press coffee all the way to espresso.

The Dualit coffee maker that we spoke about earlier is a great accompaniment to the Dualit coffee grinder. This Dualit coffee machine takes coffee pods and espresso pods that are designed after the ESE coffee pods which is super handy. With the Dualit burr coffee grinder and your Dualit Espressivo espresso machine you are set to enjoy a very good cup of espresso or latte. Even if you just went for the coffee grinder, I’m pretty sure the Dualit coffee grinder will serve you for years to come.