Dual Coffee Makers

Dual coffee makers are on the table today. Filled with our finest 100 Kona coffee. Or if you prefer some nice Brazilian coffee. I want to explore a dual coffee maker today so that if you’re looking for one of these cappuccino machines or coffee makers you’ll know what to expect and what some of the pros and some of the cons are of such a system. You’ll see just how easy it is to enjoy your free coffee or discount coffee with such a machine. But there are also likely to be drawbacks. And we’ll take a look at these too.

What are dual coffee makers?

But first we have to get onto the same page and understand what dual coffee makers are exactly. As  you might have imagined, a dual coffee maker does two things, obviously but what are those two things exactly. In my mind there are 2 different types of dual coffee makers. The one that brews coffee into 2 coffee carafes or 2 thermal mugs so that both him and her can enjoy their own preferred type of coffee. A good example of this is the Cuisinart Two To Go Coffee Maker which is available at Amazon.

These are very useful, but have only limited application. Basically, if you live as a couple who don’t do much entertaining that requires grind and brew coffee makers then this would be a perfect set up. Especially if you both enjoyed different types of coffee or coffee roasts. Having said that, you could get a free coffee maker as I wrote about earlier if you needed a full sized coffee maker for guests.

This would the other way round too. If you already have Zojirushi coffee maker or other 12 cup coffee maker you could instead get yourself a free dual coffee maker, also called coffee for two from Gevalia. However, as always there is a catch and the catch is that you have to buy a couple of pounds or so of coffee. And that coffee is regularly priced, so you aren’t getting stiffed on the price.

A second type of dual coffee makers

The other type of dual coffee makers that you can get are the ones where one side of the machine is a coffee maker, usually a drip brew coffee maker and the other side is a manual cappuccino machine. DeLonghi has a couple versions of these and they aren’t all that expensive. You’ll expect to pay around a hundred bucks or so. I’ve written extensively about DeLonghi coffee makers here and they’re a good brand. Amazon has some good savings on this particular machine. These machine are terrific and usually quite reliable as they are not the semi automatic espresso machines but rather the manual espresso makers.

Of course, with such a dual coffee maker you’ll need some espresso machine accessories including an espresso tamper and coffee spoon as well as a manual coffee grinder or KitchenAid coffee grinder but not something as robust as a commercial coffee grinder. Just be sure it is a burr grinder for best results.

Now these dual coffee makers might become your best coffee maker because it gives you everything that you need, and they could even be considered a one cup coffee maker or single cup coffee maker depending on the quantity of coffee or espresso you use. However, they are not strictly single serve coffee makers like the Senseo pod coffee maker or Keurig K cup brewer which use proprietary coffee pods. Nevertheless, most of these dual coffee makers will use the ESE coffee pods which are the closest espresso pods or coffee pod to a standardized size that can be found.

There you have mon amis, the 2 options for you to think about if you’re in the market for dual coffee makers. Something for everyone, so let the dueling begin and the best dual coffee makers stand apart.