Dual Coffee Maker

The dual coffee maker. How’d you like two cups of coffee at the same time? A neat idea. Today we’ll explore the dual coffee maker from different angles, because dual coffee makers can mean different things to different people. So I’ll try and give you a sense of what your options are when it comes to the dual coffee maker and what you can expect from it. The great thing about these coffee machines is that you can have your cup of coffee and drink it too. What I mean by this is that a lot of the time, these dual pot coffee makers are not more expensive than just a single serve coffee maker or bean to cup coffee maker. So they often will give you great value for your money.

A FREE dual coffee maker!

In fact, how would you like a free coffee maker? You can in fact get a free or pretty inexpensive dual carafe coffee maker from our friends at Gevalia. Gevalia has decided to give away nice coffee pots and coffee makers with the purchase of a couple of pounds of coffee or for joining up to their coffee club. Now the Gevalia free coffee maker giveaways change periodically so you should check up with them every so often to find the coffee maker or even dual coffee maker, as I’ve seen them giveaway before, that you’d like.

Other options for a dual pot coffee maker would include the Bunn coffee makers especially the Bunn Dual Coffee Maker Satellite System as well as some others from Bunn. These can be found at Amazon but are more commonly used as an office coffee machine or coffee vending machines or coffee franchise opportunities. For more personal home use I know that Mr. Coffee, Kitchen Selectives and Cuisinart all offer a dual coffee maker that is not intended for the commercial niche. The Cuisinart coffee grinder I’ve written about before so I know the brand is solid in the small kitchen appliances section.

Other benefits of the dual coffee maker

Many folks consider the dual coffee maker to be the best coffee maker because it allows for two people to enjoy very different coffee. I know couples who can’t stand each other’s preference for coffee, and the dual coffee maker is frankly a marriage saver 🙂

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that you can find dual coffee makers that are set up as both a cappuccino machine that accepts ground espresso coffee beans or even coffee pods and the espresso pod. And this type of system will include your regular drip coffee maker too. I’ve seen this setup as under cabinet coffee makers and it will often include semi automatic espresso machines but not automatic espresso machines. But you can find this type of dual coffee maker from DeLonghi for example for around a hundred bucks or so.