Douwe Egberts Senseo Coffee Pods – All the Flavors You Could Want

Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods are available in a huge variety of flavors. These are exactly like the espresso pods that many of you might be familiar with if you have owned espresso machines.

I’ll be honest with you, I hadn’t heard of the name Douwe Egberts before I started using Senseo coffee pods. What’s interesting is that the company is actually extremely old. Douwe Egberts was founded in 1753. That’s before we in North America even started enjoying coffee, let alone were a nation. Maybe I exaggerate a little, but it was definitely before we were a nation. Did you ever see a picture of Benjamin drinking a cup of coffee?

A little history about Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods

Anyway, you’ll forgive me for rambling. I am want to do that. It’s like the history of coffee. Complex, varied and vast! So the Douwe Egberts company was founded a few years before I was born, by a Dutchman. Man, do they come up with all the good stuff? Painting and now coffee! The guy who founded this company was named Egbert Douwes. I guess they switched his name back to front and gave the “s” to the first name and there you go.

And now, thanks to a Dutchman with great foresight, we can enjoy Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods in so many flavors it would practically take you a month to taste them all. Though since 1978, Douwe Egberts has been owned by Sara Lee.

Okay, I’m assuming stuff here and you know what happens when you assume (ass u & me). Maybe you don’t know what coffee pods are. Well, basically they’re like espresso pods but for making coffee. Imagine a vacuum sealed tea bag that is round, and maybe a tiny bit bigger and filled with ground coffee. This is a coffee pod.

The many options of Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods

And Senseo makes a whole line of Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods in all sorts of flavors for you and yours. Now I’ve tried using them in an espresso machine, and it works quite well. But to be honest with you, you’re better off buying a Senseo coffee maker to get the best results from the Senseo coffee pods.

They aren’t that expensive. You can have one for around $50 or so. And as I mentioned before, a cup of Senseo coffee pod coffee is less than $0.30 depending on the quantity you buy.

If you’re just starting out with Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods, I’d recommend the following ones depending on your taste. The Senseo dark roast coffee pods if you enjoy a robust coffee. The Senseo origins coffee pods Colombia if you enjoy a well rounded medium coffee. The Senseo breakfast blend coffee pods for a lighter all day roast.

This coffee system is really terrific. So easy to use. You don’t have to worry about grinding and coffee going stale. I’ve really enjoyed every cup of coffee I’ve had from my Senseo coffee machine so far and that is in large part to the Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods that make it a breeze.