Don’t Drink Cat Poo Coffee Beans

I hope that caught your attention if you’re considering cat poo coffee beans. I’ve gotta be honest with you, I think it’s not a good idea to drink cat poo coffee beans for a couple of reasons and I’m going to share those reasons with you. But before I do, if you want a really tasty coffee at a fraction of the price of Kopi Luwak then click here to buy my favorite 100 Kona coffee beans.

What are cat poo coffee beans really?

Okay, first of all, cat poo coffee beans are officially called Kopi Luwak as that is what the Sumatrans call civet (cat) coffee, and the civet is the cat that eats the coffee cherries and poops out the coffee seeds or beans for us to um… enjoy?

Now scientists will try and tell you that the civet’s digestive system helps smooth out the coffee flavor some how and you don’t get that bitter taste that is inherent in coffee. And which quite frankly I enjoy. And personally, I just don’t like the idea of drinking cat poo coffee beans or any type of coffee that’s come from er… someone’s bum.

Not only that, a couple of decades ago I wouldn’t have minded if you preferred to drink cat poo coffee as each to his own, and the little civet was left alone to enjoy the coffee trees and poop out coffee beans to its heart’s content. Sadly, as is the case with most things that human beings get involved in, their is a dark side.

Why you shouldn’t drink cat poo coffee beans

Sadly, much like factory farming, cat poo coffee beans or Kopi Luwak coffee beans have now become a large industry and the poor civet who was once free to roam the earth, or at least their little corner of earth in Sumatra has now become another cog caught up in the factory farming complex.

As such, civets are caged and intensively farmed (euphemism) so that it is easier for us to collect these cat poo coffee beans. This is not good the civet and it’s not good for us. For as we do unto others will eventually come back to bite us in the rear. So this is my biggest beaf with cat poo coffee beans. It is inhumane.

But I know that some of you out there are not as concerned about the well being of cats as I am (shame on you). But if you are a coffee lover I know that you are concerned about the taste and flavor profile as much as I am. And let me tell you, Kopi Luwak or cat poo coffee beans gets very poor reviews on Amazon. Folks just don’t like it and I don’t blame them.

In my opinion, what makes coffee by in large… well, coffee, is the somewhat complex profile and much of that comes from the varying bitter compounds.

But if you really must try for yourself what Kopi Luwak or cat poo coffee beans taste like then there is some good news. You can buy some good coffee from the folks at  Coffee Primero where there Magic Cat coffee uses science instead of cats to recreate an authentic cat poo coffee beans experience.