Does Coffee Yellow Teeth?

We all love to drink coffee. Aside from the fact that it tastes really great it can provide us with the right sort of energy boost that can keep us going for most of the day. That is why coffee is an essential part of my day and I know that millions feel the same way as I do. Scientific research has even revealed that drinking coffee can be beneficial to the health, but even if that has not been proven I am still going to get my daily cups and I am not to miss them for anything in the world.

Does Coffee Yellow Teeth?– There’s just one little problem with coffee drinking and that is the fact that it can stain our teeth. Just look at a freshly made cup without any creamer of additive to it. What colour is the coffee there? It’s a very dark brown that it’s almost black. When that get’s spilled on to a piece of clothing it is going to ruin it because of the stain. Just think of what it can do to your teeth.

The Stain- When you drink a cup of coffee you can feel a film setting down on your mouth. That is the coffee that can stain your teeth. Normally that stain should be washed away by the natural rinsing action of the mouth using saliva.But since one of the effects of coffee is dehydration so you lose some fluid or saliva in your mouth and so you can not expect your mouth to function in its own way to get rid of the coffee stain.

Acid- Coffee contains acid, lots of it. When the coffee that is leftover from your drink is not removed by the natural action in the mouth then the acid can start to act on the tooth enamel which is the surface of the teeth. It is the one that actually causes the staining of the teeth surface.

Remedies- As always prevention is the best remedy and the most effective way to prevent teeth staining because of coffee is to wash your mouth after each cup that you drink. That is going to prevent your mouth from losing moisture and allow the saliva there to take its natural action. Another good idea is to chew gum because it can trigger the glands that secrete saliva to produce even more. Just make sure that you pick a gum that is free from sugar. There are some teeth whitening products that are available as well that you can try out. Those products can be used to remove the stains that have already been caused on the teeth. The best practice however is to brush your teeth regularly. Brushing for at least twice a day should keep any stains from taking a deep root on your teeth enamel.

As you can see caring of your teeth from suffering any coffee stains is just a matter of the right knowledge. You just have to know the right things that you need to do in order to keep looking white and healthy.