Does Coffee Turn Your Teeth Yellow: Negative Effects of Coffee

Coffee is very popular as a beverage in many parts of the world. But it would even be more popular if not for the negative effects that it has on the body. The idea that somehow coffee drinking is detrimental to the health has caused a lot of people to be concerned that perhaps coffee drinking is not a very good idea. Just to make things clearer for you here are some of those ideas and the truth behind them:

Does Coffee Turn Your Teeth Yellow?
– A lot of people don’t like the idea that their teeth can get stained because of coffee so they stay away from the beverage. Is there any truth in that? Yes, the idea hat coffee can stain teeth is a fact this is caused by the fact that coffee can cause dehydration. When that happens there is less saliva in the mouth which can wash and cleanse the teeth. Because of that the coffee color and stain actually sticks on the teeth surface causing the yellowish stain.

Preventing Coffee from Staining the Teeth– So can we prevent coffee from cause discoloration of the teeth? The good news is that it is possible. You just have to make sure that you are properly hydrated so that there is enough saliva which can cleanse the mouth. You can also make sure that you have enough fluoride in the body. Some people attribute the yellowish color of the teeth with coffee drinking when that is actually caused by the natural wear and tear on the teeth surface.

Other Negative Coffee Effects- Another negative effect that coffee has on the body is in regards with the cardiovascular system. Some people believe that the stimulating effect of coffee and its main active ingredient caffeine is bad for the heart and may lead to cardio problems in the future. Coffee lovers on the other hand maintain that coffee does not have a negative effect on the heart and in fact is good for it.

One recent study however has confirmed that coffee can cause some heart problems. The curious thing about the research result however is the fact that the bad effect only happens o those who drink coffee in moderation. For those who consume it regularly they have nothing to worry about coffee having some bad effects.

Coffee and Cancer- Another controversial claim about the negative effects of coffee is that it can cause cancer. Recent studies however have confirmed that coffee can actually prevent some forms of cancer from happening.

Blocking Medications-
Coffee can actually block the effects of some medications that is why it is not recommended for those taking drugs. It prevents some drugs from taking its full effect.

Coffee and Children- Young children should not drink coffee. Their body can not process caffeine which means it can remain for several days in their system causing sleeplessness and frequent mood swings.

These are just some of the effects that you can get from drinking coffee. You should be aware bout them before you take up the habit.