Does Coffee Lower BAC?

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), also known as blood alcohol level is the percentage or the portion of your bloodstream that is saturated with alcohol. This measurement is important in law enforcement because it is the best way to measure an individual’s level of intoxication. Alcohol intoxication is a major cause of road accidents. That is why the level of intoxication of those who are involved in accidents are measured right away. This is primarily measured through the BAC. It is also important for checking the alcohol level on a person’s blood because too much of that substance can cause a person to black out. It can also be dangerous since a BAC of about 40 can cause death to more than half of adult males. As time goes by you can start building up a tolerance for alcohol but this is going to take time and a lot of drinking on your part.

Here are some ideas that you have to keep in mind in connection with BAC:

Factors That Affect BAC– There are a couple of factors that can affect BAC. The main one of course is the number of drinks that you have and the proof or the alcoholic content of the drink that you have chosen. Food eaten when you are dinking can help in a lower BAC and the effects can be delayed at the same time. The mass of the food that you are eating can help in delaying the absorption of the alcohol into the bloodstream.

Body Fat- One major body factor that affects the alcohol once it is inside your body is the amount of body fat that you have and this is because alcohol is attracted towards the water content in your body and because of that people with lower body fat have lower BACs than with high fat content in their bodies. Since muscle is mostly water, those with muscular bodies tend to have lower BACs as well.

Drinking When Tired- When you are tired your liver does not function as efficiently as it should when you are feeling normal. Because of this when you are tired and you start drinking, you will get a high BAC most likely since the liver is the one that processes the alcohol in your blood.

Drinking When Sick- When you are sick most likely your body is also dehydrated. This condition can cause greater intoxication to you and it can also be a factor in determining how bad the hangover that you are going to experience is going to be. That is why drinking is really not recommended for someone sick or just got well from a sickness.

Does Coffee Lower BAC?– One common belief is that coffee can in help in lowering BAC or in removing the effects of intoxication. This belief probably originated from the fact that someone who is intoxicated has a lower level of alertness, and the main effect of coffee is to induce alertness because of caffeine. There has been no proof pointing in this direction. No research has proven that coffee can lower BAC. In fact the only thing that can lower blood alcohol level is time. You just have to wait until your body has been able to absorb all alcohol that you have in your body.