Does Coffee Help Digestion?

Coffee is one of the best drinks that we have in the world today. Ever since it has been discovered it has provided us with a great tasting drink that is not only delicious but stimulating at the same time. Different cultures across the world have come to embrace it as their own. But coffee has some other effects aside from being a stimulant. There has been claims about the health benefits that one can derive from drinking coffee. Let’s check these effects here.

Does coffee help digestion?- This is one of the common question asked by people about coffee. Millions drink cups of coffee every morning and throughout the day. What they want to know is whether that beverage that they are consuming is actually helping them by promoting better health on their bodies and making their digestive system work better. There has been some scientific study that has been conducted in regards with this. One thing that researches have discovered is that the very smell of a freshly brewed coffee promotes good appetite and it can also help in making the sense of smell a lot better. Here are some of the other effects of coffee on the digestive system:

– Coffee is a natural laxative that promotes the movement of the intestines which gets rid of the wastes that has been processed by the body. It is therefore beneficial to those who are suffering from constipation.

– Decaffeinated coffee can produce more acids inside the digestive system which can supplement the natural acids of the body. This helps in the breaking down of the food particles for processing.

– It is beneficial to the body to drink coffee right after a meal since it contributes in the breaking down of food.

Those are the positive effects of coffee on digestion but it has also been noted that coffee may have some drawbacks especially when you drink too much of it. Let’s take a look at some of these:

-It increases the likelihood of heartburns by relaxing a muscle on the esophagus. Caffeine is a known relaxant of this muscle and this is the reason why coffee is not recommended to those who have cases of hyper acidity already.

– It can also damage the intestinal linings which would result in ulcers. This is especially the case when one drinks too much coffee.

– Prevents the absorption of iron in the body. This could bad for those drinking food supplements that contain iron. This might develop anemia in pregnant women.

These are the effects of drinking coffee on the digestive system of the body. As you can see some of these effects are beneficial but some are negative effects. The thing that you have to remember is that bad effects of drinking coffee is usually the result of drinking too much of it. So remember to take everything in moderation. Even a drink that tastes as good and has as many benefits as coffee may turn bad if you drink too much of it.