Does Coffee Age Your Skin and Other Coffee Effects

I have been a coffee drinker ever since I can remember. I think my parents bottle fed me with coffee instead of milk. Kidding aside, I have been drinking coffee for a long time. I have tasted different types from all over the world. Now, I hear a lot about the effects that coffee drinking can have on my body. There are those who claim that coffee or caffeine in particular is bad for the health.

Effects of Coffee Drinking on the Body- With a very potent substance like caffeine as its ingredient, it is not surprising that coffee should have some effect on the body. It has other ingredients as well that can have some effects. Here are some of the more well known effects of drinking coffee in the body. Some of these are beneficial some are not:

1. Studies have shown that caffeine and therefore coffee can help in easing the effects of the decline of the cognitive functions of the mind in elderly women. Tests were conducted were women who were over 65 were tested for their cognitive skills. Those who consumed more three cups of coffee a day performed better than those who were not coffee drinkers. This effect increases with age. So the older that a person gets the more benefits that he can derive from coffee drinking, although the other effects of caffeine on the body should be considered carefully first before recommending high doses of caffeine to the elderly.

2. It has been proven that coffee can speed the loss of bone density. This is caused by the diuretic effect of coffee. Since it can speed up the urination process the effect can cause some loss of bone density of the body. The frequent urination can wash away some of the precious calcium from the body which is vital for bone development.

3. Coffee has some laxative effect as well. Since coffee grounds contain some fiber which can help cleanse the digestive system from some of the toxins that might get deposited. So drinking coffee can help when you are suffering from constipation.

4. One bad effect of coffee is the way that it can cause disturbances in your sleep. This is obviously brought about by the caffeine content.

5. Coffee can help in countering the symptoms of gout which can be very uncomfortable. Drinking more than the average can help in reducing the risks of the disease by almost 40%.

Does Coffee Age Your Skin?
– Perhaps one of the most worrisome effects of coffee is that it can cause skin aging. I have worried a lot about this when I first heard it since I drink large amounts of coffee. Studies have shown that drinking coffee can have very little effect on the appearance of the skin. But what little effect that it has is actually beneficial. Caffeine which is the most active ingredient in coffee is used in some skin care products. It is also noted for helping fight cancer. Still one should only drink coffee in moderation since it is a diuretic and frequent urination can have negative effects on the body.