Does Coffee Age You?

Todays question is, does coffee age you? Most times this is a question that comes to my attention from younger folks who are worried about premature aging. The short answer is that coffee does not age you. In fact, for many of us, coffee offers an abundance of antioxidants. And if your diet is not the greatest i.e. you’re not eating as many whole grains, vegetables and beans as you should, then in fact, most of the antioxidants that come your way are coming thanks to coffee.

In fact, many octogenarians, folks who live into their 80s and beyond, enjoy their daily cup of coffee. Coffee has proven to have many beneficial attributes, the antioxidants being just one of them. And as far as aging is concerned, good science suggests that coffee may in fact benefit the brain as it reduces the chance and incidence of getting Alzheimer’s disease. So in fact, it could be said that enjoying coffee in moderation, up to 6 cups per day, is beneficial to keeping your brain nimble as you age.

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