Does Coffee Affect Blood Sugar?

A question that some folks ask is “Does coffee affect blood sugar?”. Most times folks who are asking this question about coffee and its affect on blood sugar are diabetics who are worried that they can no longer enjoy a cuppa joe. I’ll start by saying that the best practice is to start by trying to improve your blood sugar and therefore diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise. In fact, if you have adult onset diabetes there is a good chance that just through diet alone, you can reduce or eliminate your need for medications and become essentially, diabetes free.

However, returning to our original question about coffee and what is does to blood sugar, studies have shown a modest but predictable rise in blood sugar levels if you are diabetic. In healthy adults, caffeine has been shown to slightly impair insulin activity but not necessarily blood sugar. For healthy folks one could say that coffee does not affect blood sugar. But if you are diabetic then coffee does affect blood sugar, but this shouldn’t disallow you from enjoying a cup of coffee per day, though you should check with your physician.*

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* Sources: Mayo Clinic and PCRM