Does Coffee Affect Blood Pressure?

Does coffee affect blood pressure? The quick answer is it depends. But let’s take a quick look at how coffee affects blood pressure if at all. Caffeine which it seems is what does affect blood pressure for some coffee drinkers, does so to some extent. For other people coffee does not seem to affect their blood pressure at all. It seems some folks develop a tolerance to caffeine and coffee’s mild spike on blood pressure.

The best way to tell, is of course to get your blood pressure taken before a cup of coffee and then 30 minutes after a cup of coffee an you’ll tell how it affects you. For most people that coffee affects their blood pressure, it does so mildly, raising the systolic and/or diastolic by 3 to 14 mm Hg. If you have high blood pressure already or you are concerned about drinking coffee and its affect on your blood pressure you should talk to your doctor. But generally, 2 12 ounce cups of coffee per day are fine for most people.

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