Does Black Coffee Have Calories?

Does black coffee have calories? That question has been in the mind of a lot of people lately. There has been some confusion in regards with this matter since a lot people are wonderingas to the truth whether coffee actually contains calories. With more and more coffee drinks coming out the question has become even more complicated.

So here’s the real dope in regards with caloric content of coffee drinks:

The main thing that you need to know is that coffee when it is pure and not mixed with any form of additive has almost no calories on it. Based from a government agency study to determine the calorie content of coffee, a cup of coffee that was brewed from beans which would be about 8 ounces would have approximately 2 Calories. You read that right, it only has 2 Calories which is way way lower than other comparable beverages. That small amount of calorie is not even directly derived from the actual coffee content but from some traces of protein and oil left in the beans. Coffee beans do contain some oil that might leave some traces of it, that is why coffee shop employees need to ensure that their coffee machines are always free from oil build up. These oils are the same ones that cause coffee to go rancid especially if they have been stored for too long.

Most of the high Calorie of some of the coffee drinks that we have are caused by the additives in it. Since coffee is actually a bitter drink people need to put additives on it to make it more drinkable. This would include sugar, cream, and milk. These additives would be the ones that have high calorie content. Sometimes with all the stuff that’s added into the drink it losses all semblance that at its base there’s coffee. It becomes more like a shake. Those are the kind of beverages that would be loaded with Calorie.

Here are some of the popular coffee drinks that we have today and how much Calorie they actually have:

1.Mc Donald’s Cappuccino 16 oz130 Calories

2.Mc Donald’s Latte 16 oz 180 Calories

3.Mc Donald’s Mocha 16 oz 330 Calories

4.Mc Donald’s Brewed Cofee 16 oz 0 Calories

5. Starbuck’s Brewed Cofee 16 oz 5 Calories

6. Starbuck’s Caffe Americano 16 oz 15 Calories

7.Starbuck’s Caffe Latte 16 oz 220 Calories

8. Starbuck’s Caffe Mocha 16 oz 290 Calories

Those are just some of the more popular drinks these days. Some people would like to use non-dairy creamers in their drink but if they are hoping that it would be a way to stay away from adding Calories in their diet then they might be having some false hopes. For example non dairy Creamer would have 52 Calories per table spoon of serving.

With all of this information it seems that the best way to consume coffee is by drinking it pure without any additives or at least a very small amount of it when possible. Pure coffee would be very hard to consume on its own. We really need something to make its taste a little more tolerable.