Discount Coffee

Today is all about trying to find discount coffee. We’ll discuss some of the tips that you can use to get wholesale coffee and discount coffee beans for either your work or your own personal use. In previous articles I spoke about how you could get free coffee to try and sample. So this article will dovetail nicely with that one. We’ll call it the cousin of the free coffee article. But here we’ll be willing to pay money, only we want to pay less, we want to get discount gourmet coffee, and you can do it. Especially if you are willing to put in just a little bit of work.

If you’re looking into coffee franchise opportunities and you’re a serious contender to buy one, and by that I mean that they know you have the resources to get into a franchise you’ll often have the opportunity to taste their coffees for free and you’ll of course have access to discount coffee beans when you’ve bought into the franchise as that is part of the whole business setup. Especially if the coffee franchises you’re interested in are coffee shops that retail coffee beans. You’ll have access to as many as you want.

Finding your discount coffee

Another way to gain access to discount coffee and discount hot chocolate as well as discount black tea, discount green tea and probably discount herbal teas is if you are in charge of the coffee vending machines at work. Your supplier who brings you your coffee supplies will often give you free coffee supplies to try, and as part of the contract that you’ve worked out for your coffee vending machine you’ll likely be able to get discount gourmet coffee beans and other products through them depending on the size of your coffee service contract and how much product you work through on a monthly basis.

That’s all find and good you say for business owners, and perhaps you think that those are obvious ways to get your discount coffee. But what about us individuals who just want to get discount coffee beans for our own home personal use? Well, that’s a fair question and that’s where we turn our sights to now.

You already know that oftentimes your cappuccino machine will come with a small package of coffee to get you started. I  know that’s certainly the case with many bean to cup coffee machines. But you’ve used up all that coffee and you’d like to get some more or perhaps you want to try a new variety of coffee roast but you don’t want to pay retail because you’re not sure if you’ll like it.

Final options on getting discount coffee

If you have a small coffee blog like mine you can write to many of the coffee producers and ask for discounts on their coffee because you want to taste test it for your audience. This will work 9 times out of 10 if you have a good blog to show them.

If you don’t, but you still want to try new coffees at less than retail prices, I would recommend that you write a personal note to the company and explain that you haven’t tried their coffee but you’d love to receive a coupon to try it or get a discount to try. Explain your love of coffee and how much coffee you drink and any coffee courses or other assets you think might persuade them to give you a discount on their coffee. I’ve seen this approach work 4 or 5 times out of 10 too. The more personalized and tailored your letter is to them, the greater you increase your odds of it.

Another way is to hit up  your local coffee shop, not the big franchises, but the local independent and ask them if they’ll discount the coffee. You’ll find that they often have recently opened bags of coffee that they’ve tested with staff or customers and because it’ll expire within 7 days, you’ll often get a great discount on this coffee.

Lastly, if you spend just a bit of time surfing the net and searching terms like “coffee coupons” or “discount coffee” and the like, you’ll find many sites that will offer you coupons and codes to buy coffee online at greatly reduced prices. This is a great way to do it if you enjoy buying stuff online and you’re familiar with it and feel confident in the security, which nowadays isn’t much of an issue. You’ll find that you’ll be drinking discount coffee for decades if you apply yourself to these strategies.