DeLonghi Espresso Machines

Another round of espresso from our DeLonghi espresso machines? As I write this today it is around 8 am in the morning. I’m not drinking espresso, but I am drinking coffee. A nice smooth cup of Kopi Luwak. Only it’s not real Kopi Luwak it’s a man made version of Kopi Luwak, for about a tenth of the price. Going on a tangent again, Kopi Luwak is coffee that’s made from coffee beans that have been through the digestive tract of a civet (cat). Apparently this does something chemically (the digestive juices of said cat) to the beans to get rid of any bitterness. And truly, my man made, chemically helped Kopi Luwak doesn’t have any hint of bitterness. Nevertheless, there are 2 reasons why I’m not interested in drinking, as my wife would say, cat poop coffee 😉 is a) because of that very issue. Not jazzed about enjoying something that someone has already enjoyed before if you feel me and b) most of these cats are not longer feral and roaming their wild environment but are being kept in farms which I think it unnecessary, unkind and perhaps even cruel.

Okay, back to DeLonghi espresso machines

But if you’d like to have a taste of what synthetically produced Kopi Luwak tastes like (which is quite yummy by the way) you can check them out here. Anyway, I digress when in fact I said we were going to talk about DeLonghi espresso machines. If you don’t know already, I’m a big fan of DeLongi espresso machines, having written about them a bunch of times before. Not only do they produce the DeLonghi coffee machine or should I say DeLonghi coffee makers in the plural but they make an excellent DeLonghi espresso machine too. And it is the DeLonghi espresso maker of which we’ll talk about today.

DeLonghi also, by the way makes a dual coffee maker or what I call dual coffee makers in that they contain both a semi automatic espresso machine as well as a coffee maker too. That is something to check out if you’re interested. One of the most popular of the DeLonghi espresso machines out there as many of you know is the DeLonghi Magnifica. A magnificent 😉 (sorry, couldn’t help myself) cappuccino machine. If you’re interested, I wrote a brief DeLonghi Magnifica cleaning guide which you can access through that link.

Other benefits of DeLonghi espresso machines

Now what I like about the DeLonghi espresso machines generally is that they almost all accept  coffee pods and especially the ESE coffee pods which are trying to become the industry standard. Of course, this includes the espresso pods to which should go without saying. The neat thing about the espresso pod is that you can make your own if you have a coffee pod maker, but that’s another story.

The DeLonghi espresso maker almost always has great design. And I believe this has something to do with their Italian heritage. DeLonghi is also renowned for their super automatic espresso machines which will do everything for you except perhaps wash your espresso cups and saucers!  Now I should mention that the DeLonghi espresso machines are an upscale line in my opinion, especially if you get into their super automatic espresso makers. You should expect to pay a couple grand or so if you are going that route, and I have always found Amazon to have terrific deals and savings on these machines. Definitely check them out if you in the market for one of them.

Of course, if you are looking for manual DeLonghi espresso machines then you can have those too. I use a manual espresso maker because I like to play around with my espresso coffee beans and my espresso machines accessories like my espresso tamper. I’m always trying to improve my craft. That being said, manual DeLonghi cappuccino machines can be had for around a hundred bucks, and it is a brand that I recommend and have found to be quite reliable over the years.

Oh yeah, and before I forget, if you are into interior design and have a modern, contemporary home I’d recommend you check out their Artista series. With faces that have been designed by some of the worlds greatest designers and artists these are one of a kind DeLonghi espresso machines that you’ll love and go towards supporting charity too!