The Delonghi Espresso Machine

Today is all about the DeLonghi espresso machine. One of my favorite espresso machine makers is the DeLonghi company. We’ll go into the company a little further today and talk about some of their specific espresso machines. You’ll notice if you’ve browsed around a little bit on my site here, that I have actually written specifically about some of their cappuccino machines in detail. Today will be an overview of the DeLonghi brand and some of their features that they add to most of their machines.

But first, let us turn to the company itself and explore the DeLonghi brand so that we see how they make such a popular cappuccino machine.

DeLonghi is a small appliance manufacturer based in Italy. Most of the great brands of commercial espresso machines and consumer cappuccino machines seem to be founded at least in Italy. This is to be expected, considering that Italy has such a long and deep history with coffee culture. It was founded over 100 years ago by the DeLonghi family, but it wasn’t until 1950 that they incorporated. DeLonghi over a hundred years ago started by manufacturing parts for small appliances. Later during the last century, they became quite well known for their portable heaters and air conditioners.

Additional background on the Delonghi Espresso Machine

More recently they have become a large player in the espresso maker market. Renowned for their design, they have won several awards for their DeLonghi espresso machines. In 2001 they acquired Kenwood, the British company which has a Chinese manufacturing factory. Unfortunately, at least from my perspective, DeLonghi espresso machines are now made in China. I say sadly, because in my experience it appears that there are not the same quality controls in China. Nonetheless, that is a whole other topic. Their design for the DeLonghi espresso machine is still headquartered in Italy. Their machines do continue to have scintillating designs.

To get a good idea of a DeLonghi espresso maker and the design that they use, have a look at the DeLonghi Magnifica. Many of their designs are boxy, but elegant. And their Artista series are quite revolutionary, having faces designed by well known designers around the world. These are great machines.

You can also get a DeLonghi coffee machine or DeLonghi coffee maker that is for brewed coffee. And if you’re not sure of what you’d like you can buy a DeLonghi espresso coffee maker that will do the job of both. You get espresso on one side and coffee on the other.

Varieties of Delonghi Espresso Machine

Many of DeLonghi’s espresso machines are bean to cup coffee machines or super automatic cappuccino machines. This means that they will grind the coffee, tamp it and brew your preferred espresso beverage with just one touch. No longer do you have to worry about the coffee grind yourself. The Artista series are examples of these super automatic espresso machines. These machines are generally works of functional art. Melding original and artistic design to the DeLonghi Perfecta series of espresso makers, you would expect to pay a premium for them. And you’d be right. However, your money is going to a good cause. And that cause is Oxfam. Oxfam as many of you will know is a charity aimed at ending injustice and poverty around the world.

Many of the automatic DeLonghi espresso machines come with one touch ease of use for making your favorite beverages like lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos. Many a DeLonghi espresso machine will have similar features of other manufacturers, they just design and develop them differently. For example you’ll get burr grinders included within the coffee makers and brew systems that are oftentimes detachable for easy cleaning. The steam wands can be used for both steaming milk and for hot water for teas and other non-coffee beverages.

The choice at the end of the day boils down to your design preferences, customer reviews and your budget. For those who have the budget, an automatic DeLonghi espresso machine is a good choice. One other aspect you might want to bear in mind is the warranty. When dropping a thou or more, you want to rest easy knowing you have a decent warranty to fall back on. The DeLonghi espresso machine has a decent warranty but you’ll want to check specifically on the DeLonghi espresso machine you’ll be buying.