DeLonghi Coffee Makers

DeLonghi coffee makers seem to be a favorite topic of mine. Probably because the DeLonghi espresso machines are just damn good as a general rule of thumb. The DeLonghi coffee maker company has been around for a very long time. Since 1902 in fact in some form or another. And they’re big. In 2008 they had revenues of over $1.5 billion US. Not chump change. And you probably don’t get their without some dedication and decent products. As with most although certainly not all of the best cappuccino machine manufacturers, DeLonghi is based in Italy.

So let’s take a moment talking about all of the different coffee products that DeLonghi offers besides DeLonghi coffee makers. Obviously they have cappuccino machines and they have coffee makers. These are the two groups we’ll talk about today. As far as the DeLonghi espresso machine is concerned, there are quite a few options, they make both semi automatic espresso machines as well as super automatic espresso machines. You can read my comments on the DeLonghi Magnifica by clicking on that link. This particular espresso machine is one of their super automatic cappuccino machines. Not a cheap DeLonghi coffee maker by any stretch, but then again, not unreasonable for a super automatic coffee machine either.

Upmarket DeLonghi coffee makers

However, you can spend a bit more with the DeLonghi Gran Dama Avant super automatic espresso machine if you’re looking for something that will also froth your milk for you and has a wonderful blue digital touch screen display. It also has a professional conical burr grinder for better quality grinding. Although for this top of the line DeLonghi coffee machine you’ll be looking at around 3 grand if not more. Worth every penny? Well, I can’t really say for certain. Though at this price level you’re buying brand image and name more than anything else I think. Though you could go higher if for example, you bought a Jura coffee machine.

If you’re looking for a better Nescafe coffee machine that takes the Nespresso capsules you might want to consider the DeLonghi Lattissima espresso maker which will also steam and foam your milk for easy one touch operation.

DeLonghi coffee makers for the rest of us

Anyway, let’s come back down to earth for a moment where us mere coffee mortals live and talk about the DeLonghi semi automatic espresso machines or the manual espresso machines for the rest of us. There are a ton of options here. If you want to have your coffee and espresso too, you can. Starting at around a hundred bucks and moving on up to around three hundred bucks, you can have your choice of a DeLonghi coffee and espresso maker. This is a neat option if you have limited counter space and like to drink both coffee and espresso beverages.

For just a pump driven espresso maker you can choose from a variety of DeLonghi coffee makers anywhere from about 50 bucks to 250 bucks. These are the kinds of espresso makers that I prefer, as you have way more control over you coffee than you do with an automatic espresso maker. These kinds of manual cappuccino machines will take both ground espresso, espresso pods and coffee pods so you have a slightly wider amount of choices too. The coffee pod is a great way, dare I say the poor man’s way of enjoying almost automatic espresso 🙂

As for the DeLonghi coffee machine, there are a wide variety of options here too. And the prices become very reasonable. Anywhere from around 50 dollars to 200 dollars and more can get you into one of the DeLonghi coffee makers. I’ve gotta say that I’m very partial to thermal carafes, as glass carafes tend to burn the coffee if you leave them on the base too long and they also break quite easily. Even though you can buy a replacement DeLonghi coffee pot, I just prefer the whole setup of the thermal coffee pot. One of my favorites out of the DeLonghi coffee makers line is the DeLonghi DCF210TTC 10 cup coffee maker which has the thermal carafe and automatic clock timer so you can wake up to fresh coffee every morning. For around 100 dollars this isn’t a bad coffee machine.

Hopefully this article will give you a few options to choose from. You could realistically fit your whole kitchen with just DeLonghi coffee makers and espresso machines if that was what you wanted to do. Regardless, DeLonghi coffee makers offer some neat machines with some neat features and are definitely worth a closer look.