DeLonghi Coffee Maker – A Variety Of Choices

If you’re looking for a DeLonghi coffee maker, you have quite the variety of choice available to you. DeLonghi coffee makers are one of the top brands, though their prices are modest. In this article I’ll talk about a few of your options if you are thinking about buying a DeLonghi coffee maker. Though there are other high quality brands out there, this article will talk about the benefits of the different DeLonghi coffee makers.

But first, a quick overview of DeLonghi. It is an Italian coffee maker manufacturer based in Treviso Italy. They focus on making small appliances for home use primarily and they are over 100 years old, founded in 1902. They are renowned for their design and have traditionally been a large manufacturer of portable heaters and air conditioners. in 2001 they bought out Kenwood, a British manufacturer which gave them access to Chinese manufacturing. As such all of their products are now manufactured in China. I am not certain how this has or will affect their durability or quality. I’m sure this information is available elsewhere. However, it is something to bear in mind.

So getting back to the different types of DeLonghi coffee makers that are available, they offer quite an extensive variety of choices. I have mentioned in another post about the DeLonghi coffee machine and some of their varieties. So I’ll try not to repeat myself too much here.

Options from your DeLonghi Coffee Maker

DeLonghi makes coffee makers from 4 cup coffee makers all the way up to 14 cup coffee makers depending on how much coffee you drink or how much hosting you do with friends. Their are also a couple of choices from the DeLonghi espresso coffee maker line that you can choose from if you are looking for a coffee machine that will make both espresso and coffee.

Let’s talk briefly about the 14 cup DeLonghi coffee maker. This sounds like it might be something useful for a large family or for folks who entertain a lot. And I suppose it is. It has a 24 hour programmable display with an automatic 2 hour shut off. It also includes a freshness indicator so you’ll know when your coffee is going stale. However, like with many coffee manufacturers, their idea of what the size of a cup of coffee is, is not the same as what I consider a cup size. In fact, most coffee maker companies just don’t know what a cup size is. By most official standards, a cup is 8 ounces or roughly 240 milliliters. The DeLonghi 14 cup coffee maker is a large 70 ounces. 70 ounces divided by 14 cups gives you 5 ounces or about 150 milliliters. Now I don’t know about you, but I generally drink my coffee in mugs of anywhere from 12 to 16 ounces in size. Most folks I know, seem to drink in cups or mugs at least 10 to 12 ounces in size. So basically, for most of us, you’re only getting, realistically, about 7 or 8 cups out of this allegedly 14 ounce coffee maker. Now DeLonghi is not the only one who does this trickery, so bear that in mind when you’re looking at buying any type of coffee maker.

More choices amongst the DeLonghi Coffee Maker

Another choice from DeLonghi that I’d like to mention is the DeLonghi coffee espresso maker which allows you to make coffee and espresso at the same time. I’m really liking these kinds of machines. Even though I don’t have one yet, I can see myself buying one in the near future. But I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I enjoy both coffee and espresso based beverages, so I’d make great use of this. But if you only drink coffee or you only drink espresso or cappuccinos or lattes, then you probably don’t need a coffee maker that does both. The DeLonghi coffee cappuccino maker has a frother so you can steam your milk as well as a programmable timer so you can wake up to a nice cup of joe.

With this coffee machine, you can also adjust the flavor of both the coffee and the espresso by dialing in the strength that you like your espresso or coffee to be. Along with that, you can interrupt the coffee drip so that you don’t have to wait until the end of the brew cycle to start drinking your cup of yummy. And you’ll never need to buy paper coffee filters as this DeLonghi coffee maker comes with a permanent gold coffee filter. As do most of their coffee makers and this alone makes the DeLonghi coffee maker a solid choice.

So with those couple of choices uncovered, plus a bunch of others to suit practically all your needs, it would seem that the DeLonghi coffee maker has got you covered for whatever type of coffee machine you’re in the market for.