Cuisinart Grind And Brew Coffee Maker

Let’s take a look today at the Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker. In fact there are a few Cuisinart grind and brew coffee makers out there and we’ll take a look at a few of them. If you’ve visited my blog for any length of time, you’ll know I’ve written about grind and brew coffee makers before and I’ve also given my thoughts on the Cuisinart coffee grinder. I have found Cuisinart to be a pretty reliable brand overall with the kitchen appliances that I have used. As a side note, both Julia Child and James Beard endorsed the Cuisinart brand in the early days. Though there might have been money exchanging hands, I’m not sure 😉

Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker DGB-625BC

The first Cuisinart grind and brew that we’ll take a look at is the very popular Cuisinart DGB-625BC. This is the coffee maker that you see to your left. It is available at Amazon at over 50% off retail by clicking here. I’d like to start with the one drawback as I see it, at least from my perspective and that is the fact that this grind and brew coffee maker doesn’t have a thermal carafe. For me this is important as I seem to be able to break glass carafes on an almost weekly basis. But let’s take a look at the features that this coffee maker does have.

It is a 12 cup coffee maker which is really a 4 to 6 mug coffee maker as like most manufacturers Cuisinart somehow thinks that a cup is 5 ounces and not 8 ounces like most of regular folk. However, most of us dare I say drink our coffee from 12 to 16 ounces mugs I reckon so that in case  you’ve got yourself a 4 to 6 mug coffee maker. Not a huge deal, I just wish that coffee makers were using real world accurate measurements. You can also bypass the coffee grinder if you like and used pre-ground coffee. This is great, because sometimes that’s all you’ve got, or you’ve found a delicious bag of beans that a friend gave you that were already ground and you want to use them. You can with this Cuisinart grind and brew coffee.

The unit has a nice large display so you’re not squinting to use it and it has a programmable shut off where you can choose the auto-shutoff for anywhere from 0 – 4 hours. You also get a permanent gold coffee filter basket which is handy and environmentally sound. This Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker also comes with a charcoal filter. Personally I think this is a bit gimmicky and unnecessary. Buy good water or use a Brita type water carafe at home which are better anyway. All in all though, this is a terrific machine and a worthy option for any home.

Here’s what one customer had to say:

The superior taste of the coffee you get from the grind and brew is absolutely worth the extra couple minutes of prep time it takes. I am VERY glad I purchased this product. I love it! – pjrocks.

Review has been shortened for brevity. You can read the full review on Amazon.

The Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker DGB-900BC

Another choice in the Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker collection is the Cuisinart DGB-900BC a fully automatic and programmable grind and brew coffee maker. It is the one you see in the picture to your left and it is also available at Amazon at over 50% off of retail by clicking here. This coffee maker has many of the same feature that the previous one has such as auto-shutoff, ability to use pre-ground coffee beans and a water filter. What I like most about it is it’s large bean hopper which will hold half a pound or around 200 grams. And of course it has a 12 cup (really 4 to 6 mug) thermal carafe which not only keeps the coffee warm without allowing it to get bitter but is also less easily breakable for clumsy folk like me.

Here is what one happy customer had to say:

This is an easy to use machine once it is set up properly (the bean hopper takes a little of effort to snap in). The coffee tastes great and the parts are very easy to clean quickly. While the instruction book is not clear, Cuisinart was very helpful on the phone. – Debra C.

Again, this review has been shortened but you can access her full review on Amazon.

There you have my top two Cuisinart grind and brew coffee makers. Cuisinart is a trusted brand and a reliable brand. They also back that up with a 3 year warranty which is not something you see every day on a personal coffee maker. And sadly, you can’t get this Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker as a red coffee maker, but then again, we can’t always get everything that we want!