Cuisinart Coffee Grinder

The Cuisinart coffee grinder. One of the most overlooked elements in making a great cup of coffee is the grinder. Today we’ll talk about the Cuisinart coffee grinder, but this applies to all conical coffee grinders and coffee grinders in general. Everyone has heard that there are the four elements that make that perfect cup of coffee.

The Water, The Coffee, The Coffee Grind and The Quantity of coffee used. You can have the purest water from clear mountain springs and the best fair trade organic dark roasted coffee beans, but if your Cuisinart coffee grinder or other coffee grinder is not up to par or you aren’t creating that proper and consistent coffee grind, your coffee is dead in the water. It’ll mess up everything, and just playing around with coffee dosage or quantity will take things from bad to worse.

So the burr coffee grinder is super important. And I say burr coffee grinder here like a Cuisinart burr coffee grinder that we’ll talk about soon. Practically all, or at least all the good commercial coffee grinders you’ll find are burr coffee grinders either conical burr grinders or disc burr grinders, but they squeeze and break the coffee beans evenly without much heat so that your coffee retains all of the oils and you can rely on the dosage measurements because all the ground coffee pieces are the same size.

You’ll also find that most if not all semi automatic espresso machines include a burr coffee grinder within that breaks the coffee beans up into consistently sized pieces for great consistent flavor each time. If you’ve ever tried grinding your coffee beans with a blade chopper, which isn’t really a grinder, you know how impossible the task is to get those coffee pieces all the same size.

Okay, enough said about why you want to get a burr grinder. Let’s move on specifically to the Cuisinart coffee grinder.

Choices of Cuisinart coffee grinder

As with many other companies who offer coffee grinders, you can find the two types of coffee grinders I was just talking about in the Cuisinart coffee grinder line up. The blade grinder, which really is a chopper and I don’t know why they keep calling it a coffee grinder and the “real” burr coffee grinder that is the only choice as far as I’m concerned. You can also find a couple of models of the Cuisinart coffee maker with grinder which we’ll talk about in a minute.┬áThere are several models of Cuisinart coffee grinder that you can choose from that have the blades. Such as the Cuisinart DCG-20 Grind Central Coffee Grinder. Click here to take a look at it. For around $40 you can see why folks will choose this type of set up. Though honestly, I think you’re throwing money away.

What you will rather want to consider is the Cuisinart coffee grinder that uses the burr method. The Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is the entry level choice and the Cuisinart CBM-18 Programmable Conical Burr Mill which is a step up. Click here for the CBM-18. They retail for around $100 and $200 respectively though being a good shopper I know you can get them cheaper if you try. Either of these grinders will do the job for you, except perhaps if you are strictly an espresso drinker. Some folks have indicated that the Cuisinart coffee grinder is not consistent enough at it’s very finest grinds for great espresso every time. But for that, you’ll have to jump up a few hundred dollars in price point. Nevertheless these grinders will meet most consumer’s needs especially if you mostly enjoy coffee.

Other options for getting a Cuisinart coffee grinder

Lastly I want to talk about the Cuisinart coffee maker grinder or the bean to cup coffee machines that you can find from the Cuisinart coffee maker selection. These are great options if you want your Cuisinart coffee grinder and Cuisinart coffee maker to be one and the same. They are particularly valuable if you have a small kitchen.

You’re going to be looking at around 2 to 300 dollars for these machines, less if you can find a good deal on them. But both the models I’ll share with you have burr coffee grinders included. When you consider the cost of a stand alone Cuisinart coffee grinder at around $100 or more, these coffee machines aren’t badly priced when you think about the convenience factor.

The first one is the Cuisinart Grind & Brew 12 Cup Coffee Maker (click here for more) that has a glass carafe and is a reasonably inexpensive unit at around $150. I prefer the thermal carafe as there is less chance of burning your coffee, but if you only brew what you need at a time these coffee brewers work well, though there is the additional concern of breakage which according to Murphy will happen to you. This is a fully automatic coffee machine and is great value for the price.

If you are like me, then the Cuisinart Grind and Brew in brushed chrome with thermal carafe is the one you’ll prefer. Check it out here. At around $250 this machine isn’t outrageously priced as is also fully programmble. Not only that, you only have to break your glass carafe from the previous coffee maker twice and you’ll be shelling out the same amount of money for this one almost in total cost for the 2 carafes and machine.

The grinding unit on this machine is also easy to take out and wash. All in all a great machine at a great price. So whether you’re looking for an all in one or a Cuisinart coffee grinder that is stand alone, Cuisinart seems to have your options covered.