Finding And Enjoying Cuban Coffee Cups

There is some interest out there for specialized coffee cups like Cuban coffee cups. So with your indulgence, today I want to discuss specifically Cuban coffee cups and where you might be able to find them and also how to enjoy them. If you don’t live in the Southern States then most likely these espresso cups and saucers will not be found to readily by local artisans. However, thanks the Al Gore and the internets 😉 you can find coffee cups and saucers of all kinds all over the web. So even if you are in Alaska, you can enjoy your own set of Cuban coffee cups and perhaps a Cuban coffee recipe which I’ll share at the end of this post.

Cuban coffee cups for the rest of us

For those of us who aren’t in the Miami or South Florida area, my best recommendation for finding Cuban coffee cups is through Amazon. A Cuba Flag Coffee Cup can be had for around $10 and is made in the USA. It shows the flag of Cuba and is your standard coffee mug. If you are looking for something a little different, I saw a very nice Che Guevara coffee mug also available at Amazon that had  an image of the man with his cigar in military fatigues. This mug goes for about fifteen dollars or so but it is a very healthy 15 ounce sized mug.

Of course these Cuban coffee cups cost a little more because they are unique. There aren’t a lot of folks who have them and so when you’re looking for something unique that no one else has, you’ll expect to pay a little more. But frankly, I’d love to be served a nice Cuban coffee from a Cuban coffee maker poured into my Cuban coffee cup. It would certainly be a focal point of conversation. And you can serve any kind of coffee in your Cuban coffee cups. 100 Kona coffee, espresso coffee beans made into a nice espresso cappuccino and of course you could use coffee pods like some authentic cialde Lavazza. Not to mention of course using Cuban coffee too. Authentic Cuban coffee.

Now for those of my readers who live in Miami or who will be visiting Miami and want to buy some authentic hand made Cuban coffee cups, then you can often find Bernardo Cueto selling his hand made Cuban coffee mugs at either Viernes Culturales or Sentir Cubano. His Cuban coffee cups are really very wonderful and frankly, there isn’t anything better than drinking coffee out of someone’s hand made wares. Am I right?

Okay you’ve got your Cuban cigar, you’ve got your Cuban coffee cups already to go. But wait, you need some delicious Cuban coffee to go with that. As I  promised, here is an authentic Cuban coffee recipe from the old country. Now I’m not Cuban, but seriously, this is genuine Cuban coffee from a genuine Cuban coffee recipe. Just try it already, you’ll love it 😉

Enjoy this Cuban coffee recipe in your Cuban coffee cups

Now Cuban coffee is similar to Turkish coffee though made differently. I say it is similar because it is strong and sweet. Now you can of course change up the recipe to meet your particular needs. What you will need. A stove top espresso maker as you’ll be sorta making stovetop espresso but not quite. A 1/3 cup of sugar, a 4 cup glass coffee cups or a large coffee beaker as you’ll be mixing the coffee and sugar in there before pouring it into your demitasse Cuban coffee cups.

Okay. Fill the bottom of the stovetop espresso maker or Moka pot with water to the water line. Add ground espresso coffee, which you’ve brought to an espresso coffee grind. A good recommendation is Lavazza Blue. Then put espresso maker onto the stove and get it fired up on medium high to high heat, leaving the top lid open so you can see the coffee bubble into the top. Pour the sugar into your glass measuring cup. As soon as the first bit of coffee bubbles into the top of the espresso maker, you’re looking for a few tablespoons worth, close the lid and pour that first bit into the beaker with sugar. Replace the stove top espresso maker on the stove and allow it to finish brewing. While that is happening, whip together the sugar and coffee that you poured into the beaker. It will be thick and creamy. When espresso maker has finished brewing your Cuban coffee, pour the remaining amount into the glass beaker and whip it up again. Then pour the Cuban coffee into your Cuban coffee cups. It will be thick, creamy, sweet and oh so delicious.