Contemporary Coffee Table

Back to tables, and this time it’s all about the contemporary coffee table. Where would we be without our friend the coffee table. I mean, can you imagine having to hold your cup of coffee all day without being able to put it down except maybe on the floor? That would be crazy. And I guess it is crazy talk, because we all have tables of some sort.

You could rest your cup on a contemporary console table if that was all you had, being careful not to spill anything on your LCD TV. Or, like most of us you probably have a contemporary end table that might have a lamp on it but little else. You could place your coffee cup there I suppose. But all of that is awkward. A modern contemporary coffee table is where it’s at. You can put your coffee cup down as well as put your feet up.

Understanding the contemporary coffee table

But what exactly do we mean when we talk about contemporary coffee tables? A contemporary coffee table is really a designer coffee table as practically all tables are. I mean, they’re all designed by someone. But when you talk about modern furniture or modern contemporary design and especially in tables, you’re really talking about unique, clean lines that have been designed for high end or exclusive use.

So these aren’t the kinds of tables you’ll find at WalMart or Ikea for example. You’ll need to have a few shekels to buy one but you’ll buy it knowing that not many other folks have or enjoy the same designed coffee table that you have.

Most of the designer coffee tables that I’ve seen are rectangular with blunt edges. Although there is also the square coffee table as well in a contemporary style. But you’ll have a harder job finding an oval coffee table that is modern looking. A wooden coffee table what you’ll find most of these modern coffee tables made from. And they’re usually stained dark brown to black or they use a darker wood like mahogany or cherry. Finding a white coffee table will be challenging, though I have seen a bit of a renaissance in the white coffee table niche. It all really depends on what you are looking for.

The glass contemporary coffee table

The black glass coffee table or the glass top coffee table generally is a style that I would consider modern and contemporary. In fact if you’re looking strictly for a contemporary coffee table you could just stick to glass coffee tables and you’d be hard pressed to find a rustic or pedestrian example amongst them. Perhaps this dates back to the 40s with the Isamu Noguchi coffee table with its glass top. Although strangely enough, that’s one of the rarer oval coffee tables that don’t seem to be as common anymore.

Speaking of the Noguchi coffee table, the Japanese with their clean lines are very much contemporary nowadays and those tables are worth a look. One of the ones I really like is the Tema Tokyo contemporary coffee table. It’s a wood coffee table. As you might know, I prefer wood to glass and iron coffee tables but that is just a personal preference.

The most important element to pay attention to when you’re looking for a contemporary coffee table or any piece of furniture really, is design. Take your time trying to determine what type of decor or style you are going with at home, and make sure the piece fits within that style. Also make sure that the size of coffee table will fit within your space. You’re looking for the Goldilocks’ coffee table. Not too big, not too small. Just right. That’s the contemporary coffee table.