Coffee vs Five Hour Energy

Energy drinks have become very popular in recent years with more and more of this kind of product being offered on the Internet. They promise to provide energy to help you out at work and at school. Does it really work? Can it really deliver? Personally I was excited when these drinks first came out. I am a coffee lover and I drink a lot of coffee but when you rely on it for so long to keep you alive and awake for work then its effects are kind of blurred and so you can not use it too that much. I thought that by using the energy drinks I can have a totally safe way of fuelling my energy. I did some research at first in order to find out which one of the two is better. I focused on one brand of energy drink, the Five Hour Energy drink which can supposedly fuel all of your activities for full five hours. So here is what I have found out regarding Coffee vs Five Hour Energy:

Coffee- This is a drink that we are all familiar with. It is derived from the fruit of the coffee plant which is termed as beans. The plant is grown in many areas across the world. Mainly it thrives on tropical climate. The unique properties of the plant was first discovered in Ethiopia were it became known to the Arabs who did such an excellent job of spreading the use of coffee. The fruits of the coffee plant is gathered, dried and then processed. It is usually shipped in bulk as green coffee or unroasted beans. There are various ways of preparing the drink and most of these were developed in the way that the local people adapted the drink. Whatever process is used the basic idea remains the same and that is to transfer the unique taste, properties and aroma of the coffee beans to the hot water. The coffee is famous all of the world not just for it effects but for the unique property that it has in providing stimulation. This is because of the high caffeine content of coffee.

Five Hour Energy-This is a brand of energy drink that promises to deliver enough energy to last you for five hours and sometimes even longer. This energy does not rely on sugar to make you last. The problem with using sugar is that you get a low after two hours of burning it. Five Hour Energy relies on caffeine in order to provide you with energy that you need.

So Which is Better?- Now that we have seen about the individual qualities of the drink, we come to question of which one is actually better between the two? After reading the information about this particular energy drink I was convinced that I was best if I stick with my coffee. While it can really provide you with enough energy to last five hours or even more, it sure does not offer anything new at all when you compare it with coffee.