Coffee Vs. Americano

Since there are so many coffee types that are available, there is really some disagreement as to which type of coffee is actually the best or which one can deliver the best taste and quality. The answer to this question depends on the preference of the person that you ask. Some prefer to drink espresso while other like drinking its milder variations such as latte.

Filter Coffee Vs. Americano- One of the most common questions that pops up when discussing the different types of coffee is whether which is better filter coffee or Americano. This question can be a cause for discussion for months and months and it might never be resolved but just to give you some idea on what you can can expect from each drink, here are their qualities.

Caffe Americano or simply Americano is a type of coffee that is prepared by adding hot water to espresso. The result is a drink that has the same strength but a very different flavour from regular drip coffee. The drink can trace its origins from the Second World War when soldiers who were stationed in Europe started the practice of adding hot water to their espresso drinks. They were not used to the strong flavour of coffee. The coffee shops in France and Italy caught on and soon the process was carried over to America. There are variations of this drink but the way that it is prepared has remained the same over the years.

Drip Coffee-
This kind of beverage is coffee that is produced by drip brewing. How water is added to a vessel with a filter where coffee has been added. As the water drips down passing through the filter it takes on the flavour and the aroma from the beans. This form of brewing was invented in the early 19th century but the method became quite popular in North America especially in the United States where people have become used to the kind of coffee drink produced by this process. The popularity of coffee makers incorporating this system of making coffee is another reason why this kind of drink is popular today.

Which is Better? – I have asked several of my friends as to which drink they prefer drip coffee or Americano? The majority of them say that they prefer drip coffee. This is because for them they see a lot more range in this kind of drink and that it offers a lot more choices. One other reason that they have cited why they prefer drip coffee is because Americano is just a watered down version of espresso. That means that it does not have enough flavour or dose of caffeine to it. That question is a very relative one. I guess most of my friends say that they prefer drip coffee because they are so used to its taste over the years that any other kind of coffee seems different.

That’s just two coffee types. You can try out others and explore for yourself which one is better.