Coffee Vending Machine

As mentioned in a previous post, a coffee vending machine is becoming a lot more popular in many businesses both large and small. If you’d like to take a look at that first article on coffee vending machines just click on the link.

This post will talk about a specific coffee vending machine. Actually, we’ll discuss 2 of the most common vending machines out there and what type of options are available on both. Just a quick recap though, as not everyone I’m sure is familiar or has the time to read all of the posts on this blog. A coffee vending machine is usually found most often in businesses as they are large coffee brewers that cost several thousands of dollars to purchase.

They also offer the ability to brew single cup coffee beverages at a time and fairly quickly too. You’ll often be able to get a cup of coffee from these coffee vending machines within a minute or less. They also offer a variety of coffee beverages that your at home coffee brewer can’t produce. For example, a coffee vending machine can make cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolates, mochas and of course tea as well as just give hot water on demand too.

Business options for the coffee vending machine

Sometimes, depending on the set up and the company you work for, these coffee beverages can be either free or available at a nominal charge. This depends on how the business renting or buying the coffee vending machine decides to set it up. Though most companies that I am familiar with offer the beverages for free. At least the basic tea and coffee.

Both of the coffee vending machines that we’ll now discuss offer the option of selling the coffee for a fee, or giving it away for free. The 2 coffee vending machine manufacturers that we’ll talk about are Necta coffee vending and Avalon coffee vending in that order.

Manufacturers of the coffee vending machine

Necta offers a huge variety of machines. The small Korinto system that will allow you to deliver up to 150 beverages per hour in 3 different set ups. The 3 set ups are Espresso, Instant, or Fresh Brewed. Each set up allows the choice of up to 8 different beverages. Anything from double espresso, cappuccinos, white leaf tea and chocolate amongst others.

Necta also offers much larger coffee vending machines like the Brio line of coffee machines for much larger businesses. This type of coffee vending machine offers such conveniences as automatically dispensing cups as well as an electronic mug sensor for those of you who are environmentally friendly and like to use your own cup. These machines will offer up to 12 button choices with the same variety if not more than the Korinto.

Avalon also offers their coffee machines in a variety of sizes. And all of them offer the same types of choices. Avalon also excels in offering freshly ground coffee with many of their machines having hoppers and grinders for bean to cup coffee availability. But they also have hot chocolates, espressos, flavored coffees and more available.

The type of coffee vending machine that you’ll require is best determined in consultation with your vendor contact person. Both of the above named manufacturers will have something that will fit your needs. The most important consideration is price and space compatibility in your office. And of course the vendor you choose. You want someone that ideally offers a full suite of services. So that the coffee, syrups, teas as well as maintenance of your coffee vending machine can all be handled through one contact person and one company.