Coffee Types: Americano vs. Coffee

Coffee Americano is a type of coffee that is made by mixing hot water and espresso. It gives the approximate strength that one can get from drip coffee but it has a distinctively different flavour. The strength of the Americano drink can be varied by changing the amount of espresso used and the water mixed with it. It is generally accepted that the right process of making Americano is by placing espresso on the hot water first and then adding hot water to it. The result of the reversed process is in turn called as long black.

History– Americano can trace its origin in the Second World War. Back then the GIs stationed in Europe made the practice of adding hot water to their espresso. This struck most of the Europeans as odd since they preferred the strong rich taste of the espresso. The Americans however were more used to the lighter flavour and taste of drip coffee that they got at home. When the GIS s went back home, the coffee shops started to adopt the drink that they have invented as a means of combining espresso from Europe and the more popular drip coffee.

Preparation- Americano is prepared by adding about 480 ml of hot water to a shot of espresso or maybe two shots. Adding the water eliminates the crema which is characteristically absent from Americano. The reversed process of adding espresso on hot water preserves the crema which is the characteristic of the Long Black.

Variations- There are several variations of the drink resulting from the different ways that it can be prepared and the variations of the volume of the ingredients. Italiano is one variation known in the United States which is a short version of the drink. Another variation which is popular in Europe is the Vermonto which must be a reference to the state of Vermont. Another variation is the iced espresso, where cold water is used in place of hot.

Americano vs. Coffee- There has been a lot of discussion as to which is better between Americano and regular or drip coffee. This is actually not an easy thing to settle and as can be expected there can be no one and final answer. It all depends on the taste of the person drinking the coffee.

Some people who prefer drip coffee over Amnericano say that they like the clean and clear look of drip coffee. But those who prefer Americano on the other hand say that they like it because of the freshness that it brings. They like the idea that it has been brewed and created especially for them.

Another thing going for drip coffee is the fact that one can get it right away. This is something that is very important for people on the go. For businessmen and for those who are on their way to work. Some of these people do not have the patience or the time to wait for their Americano to be made, although it should only take a minute.