Coffee Tips: How to Clean a Coffee Maker without Vinegar

Sometimes the reason why we always end up drinking poor quality coffee is because of the build-up of debris left over from all the drinks that you have made on your coffee maker. If you let the deposit become too much then that can seriously have an effect on the way that you drink is going to taste. There are solutions that are commercially available that can take care of this problem, but there is a way that you can take care of this problem even if you don’t buy the specific products that are available. You can use ordinary household items in order to clean your coffee maker.

Using Vinegar
– One of the most easily accessible household items that can be used for cleaning a coffee maker is vinegar. It is a very effective product when it comes to taking care of build-up of coffee leftovers. You need to make sure first that you have removed all of the leftover coffee grains. You can then cleanse it with water. You can then fill the carafe with two parts water one part vinegar. Pour the solution into the reservoir of the maker and then start the brewing process. Leave the solution for about 15 minutes inside the coffee maker. Once the fifteen minutes is up you can wash the remaining vinegar by letting the brewing process to run through with only the water in it and then you can wash it again.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker without Vinegar- The method of cleaning the coffee maker using vinegar is quite popular but there are those who do not want to do it that way. The problem is usually because of the smell of the vinegar. It can be too overpowering sometimes. If you are one of those who can not stand the smell of vinegar on the coffee maker then here are some steps that you can follow in doing that by using other household materials:

1. This is a very simple procedure that you can try and it is in fact even more effective in cleansing your coffee maker. You are going to need some baking soda and three pieces of ice cubes.

2. You can place 3 tbsp. of baking soda into the coffee maker. After that you can 6 ice cubes into the pot.

3. Start moving the pot in a circular motion. Make sure that it touches the whole inside surface of the coffee maker.

4. You can then wash the pot with warm water and soap. Make sure that you rinse it thoroughly to remove all of the baking soda that you used in cleaning it.

4. Place the carafe upside down to drain away all the moisture until you need it again for your next use.

As you can see keeping your coffee maker clean is such a simple matter that you can do on your own without any complications, so start keeping your own coffee maker clean now. It is not too much of a trouble for you to enjoy the best coffee that is possible.