Coffee Time

This post is going to be a little unusual as it talks about coffee time as well as Coffee Time. You might be thinking what’s up with the echo, especially the capitalized echo. Well, that’s the thing. This article will talk about 2 different ideas but both of them are called coffee time. The first is coffee time as a the general and perhaps generic concept. The second is Coffee Time as the coffee shop by the same name. So, depending on what you are looking for, you are likely going to be interested in either the first half or the second half of this article. If you’re looking for info on the Coffee Time shop and franchise, scroll down about halfway and I’ll meet you there. If you want to share some coffee klatch with me about coffee time as the idea, let’s get right to it!

Every morning I have my coffee time. Usually it is all by myself or with my wife and I’m enjoying a nice free trade coffee oftentimes this is organic coffee, but always it is Arabica coffee. For me, coffee time is a chance to enjoy a great coffee with friends or family or just one’s thoughts. On the weekends my wife and I will have some coffee time by taking a bread at our local independant coffee shop and enjoy a nice latte or espresso coffee and plan our upcoming vacations or just the more mundane and routine events of the upcoming weeks.

Speaking firstly about coffee time

Occasionally, I’ll spend some time with friends enjoying a specialty coffee like a Kona coffee while we enjoy each others company. Coffee is such a great lubricant for social interaction and that is why I think coffee time has become so important to take advantage of in today’s harried world. So take some time to enjoy a cup of coffee from your cappuccino machine or even your stove top espresso maker and reflect on life. Just pause for a moment, enjoy your office coffee is that is where you are and take stock of your blessings. This is always the best way to take advantage of coffee time. Or any time for that matter where you have a moment to pause. And I can tell you something right now that I am grateful for. It is you dear reader. Though we may never meet you and I, we are kindred spirits, we share a love of good coffee, fairly traded, and environmentally produced. And for that I’m grateful.

Secondly about Coffee Time

Now if we can switch gears for just a moment and talk about the Coffee Time shop that was started in Canada in 1982 and now has over 300 stores. They have a small footprint in the overseas market, currently operating in Beijing, Poland, Greece and Iraq. Coffee Time is a privately owned company that caters to a lower income market. They are looking to enter into the United States and in Canada they are attempting to compete with Tim Hortons.

They offer a franchise model, but I don’t believe they will be getting very far or at least much further than they are now. As such, it is not one of the coffee franchise opportunities I would recommend. There is some concern of their sanitary standards. Back in 2007 they were suffering many health infractions from health inspectors and at one point as many as 35% of their Toronto locations were on probation. Things may have improved since then, but I have not further information to share. Besides which, I am always leery of choosing a franchise from a company that is privately owned. It is far more prudent to have a company that is public and more accountable backing you up when you are venturing into business as a franchisee.

With that said, let’s get back to coffee time and enjoy our favorite coffee beverage and pause to reflect on just how delicious this journey is that we are taking, spinning giddily around on our beautiful blue jewel.