Coffee Tables With Storage

Coffee tables with storage are not only handy for storage and putting some private items away, but they very often have great aesthetic appeal with their designs and  clean lines. I’ve spoken frequently about coffee tables. Especially wooden coffee tables as you’ll know because I have an oak coffee table that I love and I’m also fond of the pine coffee table. I want to discuss with you today some of the options that are available to you if you’re in the market for coffee tables with storage. Frankly, I think that buying such a coffee table is a terrific idea. We all seem so cluttered nowadays and we need extra space. But perhaps we don’t need a bigger space as much as we need a coffee table with storage. Join me and let’s find out.

Popular coffee tables with storage

I can’t say for certain that storage coffee tables are more popular than other kinds of coffee tables, but I can say for certain that they are becoming more and more popular all the time. And I believe a big reason for this is as I mentioned above. We’re all craving extra space for out knick knacks and paddy whacks 🙂

Coffee end tables with storage for example are becoming quite popular. These are smaller coffee tables and often times square coffee tables, but they can be oval coffee tables such as the Noguchi coffee table (although this one has no storage), and they can also be smaller rectangular coffee tables. The most common way that these coffee end tables have storage is with a single shallow drawer that pulls out for storing whatever it is you like. I’ve seen folks store espresso coffee beans, Folgers coffee pods and coffee pictures in there. Though most times I think coffee pictures should be stored on top of coffee tables with storage along with espresso cups and saucers and maybe even a stainless steel French press.

Other options for coffee tables with storage

Though for the rest of this coffee klatch chat I’m going to assume that when we both think of coffee tables with storage that we think of the storage available in these contemporary coffee tables that is either in drawers or in the frame of the coffee table itself. Not storing or more accurately, displaying items on top of these coffee tables with storage.

I have not seen many a rustic coffee table with storage though I have seen the odd antique coffee table with storage. These are most often in the shape of the old style trunk coffee table but are not made as a contemporary coffee table in the trunk style. These are perhaps the coffee tables with storage for practically everything. This type of coffee table I would consider to be a large coffee table, and the amount of stuff you can store inside it is quite astonishing. These trunk coffee tables are often seen as square coffee tables with storage though I’ve seen them more often as rectangular coffee tables with storage. Either way, you’re getting a ton of storage space.

I’m a big fan of lift top coffee tables too. And most of these can be considered lift top coffee tables with storage. In practically all examples of these kinds of tables, I have seen them often with a storage drawer and even more often with storage bays that are only accessible once the lift top table top has been opened. These coffee tables with storage make excellent hiding places for more personal items as you can’t tell that they have storage space from looking at the outside of them unless you knew what kind of table they were. And besides which, it would be rude to play around with a friend’s coffee table without their permission. Another great option with these types of coffee tables with storage is that they can often be seen as a trunk style coffee table too, with a lid that lifts off.

Most of the coffee tables with storage that I’ve mentioned are wood coffee tables and they’re often square coffee tables with storage. You’d be hard pressed to find a glass top coffee table with storage because that would defeat the purpose, you could see right into it. I suppose you could find a black glass coffee table with storage but that strikes me as being rare. I haven’t seen any in my travels to tell the truth. So if you want to find coffee tables with storage easily, I’d encourage you to stick to wood.