Coffee Service – Why Your Business Needs One

Today we’ll talk about coffee service what it is and who might make best use of it. Coffee service is a type of coffee business that serves other businesses coffee. So as you can imagine this is usually considered a business to business operation though you could use it for any event that needs coffee to be provided in large quantities. So let’s take a moment and discuss what coffee services are and how you might benefit from them.

The more you dig into it, the more options of different kind of coffee services are available for any number of different needs. In a nutshell, coffee service is usually a catch-all phrase that encompasses services that offer coffee to employees. So we’ll focus firstly on the most common ways that businesses are offering coffee service to their employees, and then we’ll expand our horizon and see how else coffee service might be employed in other industries and perhaps even at home.

Naturally, a coffee service for most medium to large companies, heck even small companies is a win-win option for both business and employee. Office coffee service provides a great opportunity for employees to enjoy their coffee at the office, fostering greater morale amongst employees and management as well as greater productivity. Very little time is lost heading to the coffee vending machines rather than heading outside to the closest coffee shop. Also, the cost of operating a coffee service for most businesses is quite reasonable and can often be a tax deduction.

More questions about coffee service

So the next question of course is how to most businesses provide coffee services to their employees? Let’s take a look now at the most common options used. Firstly as alluded to earlier, there is the coffee vending machine whereby a large vending machine is installed in the lunch room or other convenient location for employees to access a variety of coffee beverages as well as teas and hot chocolates. These coffee vending machines are often rented or leased on a monthly basis over the terms specified in a contract. They can provide coffee relatively in expensively, around twenty five to fifty cents per cup. The coffee vending machine can also be used to charge employees for coffee and other beverages, and when this is done, the charges are usually substantially lower than what a similar cup of coffee might cost at a coffee shop.

The beauty of the coffee vending machine is that it can offer gourmet coffee, organic coffee and even flavored coffee all in the same machine. However, it is important to remember that there is a great variety of coffee quality that you can expect from these machines. So if you don’t want your employees heading to the coffee shop for a decent tasting cup of coffee be sure you provide only the best that your budget can afford.

Other coffee service options

Another coffee service option which is popular in smaller boutique firms like law firms, advertising agencies, architect firms etc, is to offer a super automatic espresso machine. Here of course, the quality is outstanding as these are similar to the machines that many of us use at home for our own espresso based beverages, except the machines used as a coffee service are usually of a higher quality, more durable and thus more expensive too. The draw back of this type of coffee service when using an automatic cappuccino machine like the Gaggia titanium as an example is that they cannot serve high volume traffic. So these machines are best used by smaller firms as mentioned earlier.

Frac pacs are another option for your coffee service, these will also work well for many small to medium firms and even some larger companies if you have lunchrooms for the different departments. You’ll be familiar with the frac pac if you’ve ever spent some time in a hotel. These are the large “tea bags” of coffee that are enclosed within plastic packaging. You just insert them into the coffee maker filter holder and brew away. No mess with the coffee grind of beans spilling out and messing things up. Of course, as with the coffee vending machine, not all frac pacs are created equal and so you will need to experiment with a variety of brands to determine which are the best tasting that your employees will enjoy and stick around for.

Other coffee service options we’ve mentioned are frac pacs which hotels use. But you can also use a coffee service for large catering events either in your home or in the community. Many coffee shops offer this service with large coffee containers often called a cambro from the popular company of the same name that manufactures them. This is a great option if your coffee service needs are intermittent.

In closing, when considering a coffee service remember why you are doing so. Oftentimes as a business owner you are hoping to offer a perk for your employees and keep productivity up. So spend a little extra offering a good, tasty product. Otherwise you might find the Bunn coffee makers or other coffee machines standing idle and the local coffee shops busier than ever. This is the key to your coffee service success or failure.