Coffee Pod Maker

Ah the coffee pod maker. One of life’s great little treasures. We talk quite a bit about the different coffee pod makers out there on this blog. Mostly because they’re a good option but also because they’re becoming hugely popular amongst many folks who are looking for fresh, good coffee that they can grab quickly without having to worry about a big mess and the coffee grind of their espresso coffee beans or other Brazilian coffee beans or what have you. So let’s carry on our journey with the coffee pod maker and see if it is something that you might want to consider for your own home. I don’t actually have one, but I have a lot of experience with them, both the Keurig coffee brewer and the Senseo coffee maker. As you’ll know, both machines take coffee pods. But each coffee pod or in the case of the Keurig coffee machine, the Keurig K cup is specific to the machine. So you can’t have a Keurig coffee maker and use Senseo coffee pods and vice versa.

Which is the better coffee pod maker?

Historically I’ve said I’ve been partial to the Senseo pod coffee maker, but lately I’m enjoying a lot of the Keurig coffee pods or should I say Keurig K cups. In my previous post on Keurig coffee I wrote mostly about the excellent Keurig pod brewer and the many options that are available with that machine. But in this post about pod coffee makers I’d like to turn to the Senseo coffee machine and focus the spotlight on them for a bit.

Just like the Keurig set up, the Senseo is a single cup coffee maker. One of the biggest draws of the one cup coffee maker is the fact that you get a fresh cup of coffee every time. The other thing is that each espresso pod or coffee pad that you use is single use and looks like a tea bag, in the case of the Senseo coffee pod, so there isn’t really any clean up per se. On the other hand, you’re throwing stuff away after each use and from an environmental perspective that is not ideal. For the Senseo coffee pods, that’s not so bad because the whole thing is biodegradable. The Keurig K cup on the other hand has foil and plastic, so I recommend reusing the K cup filter to get more life out of it.

Talking about the Senseo coffee pod maker

With the Senseo coffee pod  maker, you can make your own coffee pods, so you can enjoy practically any type of coffee your heart desires. 100 Kona coffee, Kopi Luwak coffee (the civet pooped coffee :() if you like or even Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans can all be ground and made into coffee pods for this Senseo 1 cup coffee maker.

As I mentioned on my post about the Keurig one cup coffee maker, Keurig seems to offer a few more premium brands, like Green Mountain coffee. However, Senseo coffee pod maker has also done well to offer a bunch of different options and varieties of coffee. For example, you can get quite a few different coffee pads for your Philips Senseo coffee maker from the Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods line. You can also get other options from Millstone coffee pods, Melitta coffee pods, Lavazza Rossa, Lavazza Blue and cialde Lavazza are also available as coffee pods for your Senseo coffee pod brewer.

There are others too, but this will give you a sample of what is available for this coffee pod maker. My best advice for you in trying to choose between the two different coffee pod makers is to see which one offers the most flavors or coffee bean brands that you will likely enjoy using. They’re pretty much neck and neck with features and price points, so in choosing your coffee pod maker, it really does come down to personal preference.