Coffee Pod – A Fresh Brew Every Time

The lowly coffee pod it seems is becoming more and more popular each day. I’ve talked a bit about coffee pods here on my website. If you’re interested in more articles about the coffee pod you can check out Senseo coffee pods, Philips Senseo coffee pods, Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods and my more generic article on coffee pods.

This article will also be about the coffee pod. It seems everywhere I go now, folks are talking about the coffee pod as a way of enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee, one cup at a time. And I agree. Having written about the Senseo coffee pods as one of the ones I am so far familiar with, I can vouch for the great robust and full flavor profiles of these coffees. Senseo in particular has a wide variety of flavors that you can choose from that will more than likely satisfy practically anyone. From the dark roast coffee pod, to their flavored Paris coffee pod which is a French vanilla flavor.

Pluses of the coffee pod

Although I’m not usually a flavored coffee kind of guy, their flavors are enjoyable and seem natural even though the ones that I’ve tried are artificially flavored. Their bolder coffee pod flavors are delicious, and well worth the investment if you’re looking at trying out coffee pod coffee.

Now Senseo is not the only game in town. There is also the very popular Keurig coffee pod coffee brand as well. Keurig makes coffee pods that they call K-cups. These Keurig K cups look like large single serve plastic milk cups that you get at restaurants with your coffee. Though they are for all intents and purposes a coffee pod.

The handy thing with a coffee pod is that all of these are single serve coffee maker machines. They are designed to brew single cup coffee at one time, and do it very fast. Usually you get a cup of coffee under 2 minutes and oftentimes under 1 minute. This is handy if you and your partner enjoy a different style of coffee or you only like to drink one cup of coffee or you want to be able to offer your guests a variety of different coffees for their own individual preferences.

More advantages of the coffee pod

The other thing that is handy about these coffee pod machines is that each coffee pod comes sealed in its own vacuum pack, so they stay fresh for months at a time until you used each one. This is handy especially if you live by yourself or you don’t drink too much coffee. Because with beans, once the bag has been opened, at least with whole beans, you should consume them within about 7 days. Now if that’s a one pound bag of coffee beans, that’s quite a bit of coffee to drink for one or two people.

Deciding that you want to use the coffee pod as your coffee of choice is not more expensive than regular coffee beans. In fact, coffee pod makers can be had for around the same price that you’d pay for a regular coffee brewer. And each cup of coffee from one coffee pod shouldn’t cost you more than fifty cents and you can often get it down to around twenty five to thirty cents. And remember, this is for a very decent cup of coffee.

One caveat however, is that coffee pods made for the Senseo coffee pod maker are different from coffee pods made for the Keurig. So take some time to think about which kind you want to use or would prefer to use. Having said that, you can get third party coffee pods for the different coffee pod machines, so there is even more variety in choosing your coffee pod than just staying with the brand name.