Coffee Pictures

We’re going to talk all about coffee pictures today. This is quite a broad topic, and it doesn’t give much credence to the nuances involved within a broad topic like coffee pictures. So I’ve decided to narrow down our coffee chat today related to coffee pictures into two sub categories if you’d like. We’ll talk about coffee pictures from two different perspectives. The first will be from those of you who are looking to buy coffee pictures and those of you who maybe want to take coffee pictures and if you want to sell them or not.

Finding coffee pictures

Okay then, let’s first get down to business and discuss where you can find coffee pictures, coffee beans pictures and coffee cups pictures. In fact if you’re looking for any type of coffee images, you’ll likely find that most of the resources I share will offer up a wide variety of images for you to choose from. In fact some of the biggest royalty free image sites have over a billion photographs, pictures and illustrations that you can choose from.

Now it is important to understand what the term royalty free means. Royalty free does not mean that the coffee picture is free but that once you have paid for its use under the terms and conditions of the site, then you can use the image in perpetuity without having to pay anything else. You are freed from ongoing payments. And let me tell you, royalty free international microstock photography is big business. My first resource for you is iStockphoto and they paid over 20 million US dollars to their photographers in 2007 with their photographers earning anywhere from 20% to 40% of the list price.

Back in 2007 Business 2.0 did an article on microstock photography and suggested that at that time that niche if you can call it that was worth 2 billion US dollars per year. Not bad.

In 2006 Getty Images bought iStockphoto for 50 million US dollars from the Canadian who had founded microstock photography. Getty Images offers a range of higher quality (and read “more expensive”) images from professional photographers. Many of the coffee bean pictures and other images available at microstock photography sites are often produced by amateurs and hobbyists. They’re good but not as high quality as you’d get from a professional photographer.

Free coffee pictures

I want to give you guys an option for free stock photographs and coffee machine pictures, and coffee pictures generally. A pretty good source for free stock photography and not just wooden coffee table pictures is Free Digital Photos. To the left is an image of coffee beans from iStockphoto purchased at their smallest size and most inexpensive price. To the right is a similar image that I downloaded free from Free Digital Photos. For the purpose of blogging I think either of them are good enough. Though I placed these coffee pictures here for you to be the judge.

Now just before I go, I want to share with you one other site and this one is more for those of you who are looking to sell coffee pictures or any photos really. You’ll need to be pretty good with a camera as with most of these sites, at least the ones that sell images, you have to meet editorial approval. So along with iStockphoto and Getty Images you might want to consider signing up at Veer to sell any coffee pictures or other images. I ┬ámention Veer, as they seem to be one of the top payers for photographers. More so than Getty and iStockphoto.

So if you have coffee pictures of a rustic coffee table, coffee pod brewer, wholesale coffee beans or even a really good one of a Cuisinart coffee grinder then I think Veer is the place to go. Here, you will get paid a premium whenever your coffee pictures sell.