Coffee Party Vs. Tea Party

America is at a crossroads right now and we all have to take a hand in how the country is going to turn out. There is no doubt that we are the lone superpower in the world, but we have to work hard now if we want to stay on that top spot. There are so many problems and challenges facing America today that there is no place for us not being involved. As Americans we have to take a stand and let our voices be heard. That is what Democracy is all about and that is what our Founding Fathers have in mind when they created this country of ours.

Coffee Party Vs. Tea Party- With the growing political awareness among Americans today, it is not surprising that movements with a political orientation will rise and make its presence known all over the country. One such movement is the Tea Party. This movement is a populist movement in the United States. It has gained a huge amount of attention and followers in recent years because of the problems faced by Americans, especially those brought about by the economic difficulties. Another such movement is the Coffee Party which is another populist movement that was created as a reaction to the growing popularity of the Tea Party.

The Rise of the Tea Party Movement-
The name is derived from the “Boston Tea Party” which is the famed protest of colonists in 1773 against British taxation. They referenced that event because their aim is to go back to the original interpretation of the United States Constitution.It is also their aim to reduce the budget and spending of the Federal Government and the cutting of taxes. The origin of the movement can be traced to the candidacy of Republican Congressman Ron Paul who held his own Tea Party event to start his campaign.

Coffee Party- The so called Coffee Party movement started in 2010 and is offered as an alternative to the Tea Party movement. The coffee party started out as a simple response by a single citizen to all the controversy by the Tea Party. A single citizen voiced out her frustration on a social media website and it was soon picked up by like minded folks until it gathered momentum and it became a huge movement of its own. The aim of the Coffee Party is quite simple. They just want to have the government working on their side again. The founder of the movement says that everyone should get involved by communicating with their elected officials. By communicating with their elected officials voters can really become empowered.

Similarities- When you think about it, the two movements have the same aim in mind. They just want to have he government working on the side of the people once again. There is of course a lot of difference on how this aim can be achieved, but hopefully the two movements can see eye to eye with this in the future and we can see everyone being united under one banner.