Coffee Pads

Folks are always asking me what are coffee pads. So I thought I would dedicate a whole article to it today. Not a long article, but a rather shorter and concise article on the lowly coffee pad. We’re all pretty much familiar with them, especially if we have enjoyed or continue to enjoy coffee from espresso coffee beans and cappuccino machines. So please pull up a chair, rest your feet on that nice acrylic coffee table you have in front of you, careful not to disturb the coffee pictures you have on it 🙂 and let’s get to talking about coffee pads.

A quick explanation of coffee pads

I’ll come right out of the gate and tell you that coffee pads are nothing more than coffee pods. That’s right. What we in North America call the coffee pod is called the coffee pad across the pond in much of Europe. I suppose the same way that some Europeans call them tea bag a tea pad, they’ve gotten used to calling coffee pods coffee pads. On a side and personal note, I’m not sure which I prefer. I guess whichever one is more common in one’s own personal usage is the one we prefer. Though I don’t mind coffee pad at all.

You’ll know from having visited here before gentle reader (and dare I say, bold coffee drinker :)), that I’m a fan of the Senseo coffee pods or as you can now call them, Senseo coffee pads. These Philips Senseo coffee pods (because Senseo is owned by Philips) are brewed obviously in the Senseo pod coffee maker. Senseo is only one option that is available from this coffee pod machines or pod coffee makers. Another very popular choice for those of who enjoy espresso coffee pods or espresso coffee pads are the Keurig coffee pods or Keurig coffee pads (boy it’s gonna get tiring writing out both versions!).

The wide variety of coffee pads and machines

The Keurig single serve coffee pods are handy because what they’ve done is license their proprietary K cups to a whole bunch of different companies. So you can buy coffee pods from a bunch of different companies to try so many coffee pads it’ll take you a lifetime. For example, one of the most popular coffee pads offered as Keurig K cups are the Green Mountain coffee pods. Green Mountain coffee company doesn’t just offer coffee pads, they also offer a full line of whole coffee beans. Including some Brazilian coffee in their blends, espresso coffee beans and some really neat other offerings like their Donut Shop K cups as well as Emeril’s K cups and their Revv Pulse K cups for an extra kick in the pants in the morning from your coffee pads.

Not to forget that most coffee pads are available in teas and chocolate beverages such as the K cup hot chocolate for the Keurig single serve coffee machine and Senseo hot chocolate coffee pods for their single cup coffee maker. In fact, whether you buy the Keurig one cup coffee maker or you choose the Senseo coffee machines, it is my opinion that you will have equal access to a similar variety of coffee pads flavors and options.

Many an online coffee store will offer discount coffee, oftentimes as sampler packs of coffee pads, and you can access Green Mountain coffee pads for example by the link I’ve provided or just Googling them. So whether you want the Senseo coffee maker or the Keurig coffee maker, you will have a wide variety of coffee pads to choose from. And from personal experience, using coffee pads is a great way to enjoy fresh, unique and uncompromising quality coffee every time that is no muss, no fuss to brew!