Coffee Maker Ratings for the Avid Coffee Lover

As any coffee geek would tell you over a cup of java, the quality of the coffee maker used in the creation of the drink is just as important as the quality of the coffee itself. Even if you buy the most expensive and rarest beans that you can find anywhere in the world, it is going to be useless if you do not have a great coffee maker at your disposal. If you are really serious about your coffee drinking then you need to get the best coffee maker that you can afford. Picking the right coffee machine for you is not the easiest thing in the world to do. There are so many brands and models that are available today that picking the right one for your use can be more than a little tricky.

In order to help you out we have listed here a few coffee maker ratings that might be useful to you. These coffee makers are from the top brands that are available today. One thing that you have to remember is that price is usually not indicative of the quality that you can get from a coffee maker. Some modestly priced models can perform a lot better than the really expensive ones.

Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200

This is a 12 cup coffee maker from Cuisinart. It boasts of numerous features such as a timer that can be programmed, pause and serve action that allows you to stop the brewing process, settings for the batch sizes, indicators for cleaning, and a hot-plate that is adjustable. This coffee maker is available in three different finishes; brushed stainless steel, matte black metallic, and black stainless steel. There are no issues with it in regards to durability. The main problem with this model is in connection with the water reservoir that can be a little hard to fill, and there have been complaints with the clock which is not backlit. You can buy this coffee maker for about $150 or less on sale.

Mr. Coffee JWX27

This 12 cup coffee maker has all the features that you would expect from a modern coffee machine including automatic shutoff. Plus, it has some extra features that you can not find in any other model of coffee maker. It has a selector for the strength of the brew and a special indicator that can tell you the length of time that the batch of brew that it has brewed has been sitting inside it. Users say that it is fairly quiet when brewing. You can buy this cheap top rated coffee model for about $40.

Zojirushi Fresh Brew

The thermal carafe of this coffee maker can keep the brew hot. It has a removable filter and an easy to view LCD clock. Although the carafe is a nice touch, some users have complained that it is hard to remove and that the spout is too small. Another drawback is that the machine only has a 10 cup capacity. Still the Zojirushi Fresh Brew is still a very good find at a price of around $100.

For more information on the top rated coffee makers and other product reviews, a good site to visit is ConsumerSearch.