Coffee Hampers: The Perfect Gift

Coffee hampers are the perfect type of gift for your coffee addict friends or relatives. You could get the ones that are filled with the best tasting variety of coffee and other stuff that goes well with a nice and perfect blend. You could fill the hamper that you are going to give out as a gift with cookies, mugs, chocolates, and lots of other stuff. You could even add non coffee related materials, it’s totally up to you. Now to make things a lot easier for you here are some of the best coffee hampers that you could buy online or at stores.

1. Byron Bay Coffee Company- This is a company known for its coffee and hot chocolate. You are picking a gift that any coffee or chocolate lover will be dreaming about when you choose to buy the chocolate and coffee hamper from Byron Bay. The hamper would include:

– Two pieces of Ernest Hillier chocolates
– White Orchid Fudge
– Chocolate Stirring Stick
– Alpha Apricot Royal
– Springhill Rocky Road
– Three packs of Lindt chocolates
– Byron Bay Coffee Mug
– Byron Bay Ground Plunger Coffee
– Byron Bay Gourmet Drinking Chocolate

All of those cool stuff are placed in en elegant looking basket. If that would not please them, then nothing will.Price- Around $59.00

2. I Love Coffee- This hamper is filled with all the good stuff, from great tasting coffee, to exquisite biscuits, and chocolates.
Included in this basket:

– 7 pieces of hilly Chocolates
-Loose Fudge chocolate
– Newman’s Coconut treat
– Newman’s Peppermint Treat
– Newman’s Cherry Coconut Treat
– Ashmore’s Strawberries and Chocolate
-Ashmore’s Strawberry and Cream
– Mamma Marlena Hazel Eyes
-Macs Butter Short Bread
– Byron Bay Gourmet Coffee Classic
-Cafe Adore Black Forest Delights
– I Love Coffee Mug

If you are going to give this to someone who loves coffee, chocolates, and biscuits then you have hit the jackpot. Price- Around $63.00

3. Vietnamese Citrine Coffee Hampers- If you would like to give out a taste of something that is exotic then give a coffee hamper from Vietnamese Citrine.

– A box of G7 3 in 1 Instant Coffee
-A box of G7 Black Coffee
– Three boxes of Cappuccino

Nicely wrapped with ribbons and lace. Makes a truly elegant gift.Simple and yet very touching, especially when you are going to give to someone who loves a good cup of coffee. Price- Around $68.00

4. Starbucks Gifts and Toys Hamper- Avaialble from any Starbucks branch this hamper would include a large mug, a coca sprinkler, a stencil, and the most important part a large pouch of house blend coffee. This comes inside a wicker basket with a nice little bow to go. Price- $18.00

You do not have to wait for Christmas or New year to come around to give out coffee hampers to people. You can do it any day. Why don’t you do yourself a favor and buy one for you? If you are a coffee lover and you see all the great contents of the hampers that you are giving out, you might go insane if you don’t taste them yourself. Go online now and make your order.