Coffee Grounds for Plants and Other Uses

These days we all have to pitch in to help the environment. We need to do our part in the effort to make our planet a greener and safer place to live for our children. The things that we can do does not end with how we get rid of our garbage but it also involves the way that we reuse everyday things that we sometimes forget. One example of everyday material that we just dispose of in any way that we like is the used coffee grounds. It may not contribute to environmental pollution since it is biodegradable, but still it adds up to the waste that chokes up our environment. Believe me, coffee drinkers tend to accumulate a lot of used coffee grounds so any useful way of recycling them would really come in handy.

For those who are interested here are some of the most common ways of reusing coffee grounds:

Coffee Grounds for Plants as Fertilizer- Coffee grounds have been discovered to be excellent fertilizer. They can bring a lot of nutrients to plants to help make them grow healthier but there is one thing to keep in mind when using coffee grounds as fertilizer, they are highly acidic which may poison some plants. They are therefore best to use with plants that thrive on highly acidic soil. Some of these are tomatoes, roses, and azaleas. There is way though that you can use it for non acidic plants by putting garden lime on the soil. Don’t use too much of it though.

Give Shine to Your Hair- You can use coffee grounds to soften your hair and give it an extra shine. When you are washing your hair you can start by rubbing coffee grounds to it and then rinse it thoroughly. If you have brown hair then coffee grounds can add highlights to it.

Skin Exfoliant- You can have a smoother and softer skin using coffee grounds. Pat it on your skin and then gently massage it, then rinse it thoroughly afterwards.

Temporary Tattoos- You can use coffee grounds together with henna as a means of creating temporary tattoos.

Pest Repellant- Aside from being a good fertilizer used coffee grounds can also be used to repel plant pests like snails and slugs which can damage plants.

Cleaner- You can also use coffee grounds as a form of abrasive cleaner. The only disadvantage of using coffee for this purpose is that it will leave a stain, so be careful on that ground.

Remove Scratches- Used coffee ground is also excellent for removing stains and scratches on furniture.

Flea Repellant- AFter giving bath to your dog, you can then use old coffee grounds as a flea repellant. You can just rub it over the coat of the animal.

Mushrooms- You can also grow mushrooms on old coffee grounds.

There are more uses for old coffee ground which is just one more proof of how useful and rich coffee is. I am sure that you can think up of more ways of utilizing such a material.