Coffee End Tables

Coffee end tables are sometimes confused with coffee tables generally. And I’ve seen the term bandied about to mean coffee tables in a general sense. Though there is a difference between coffee tables and coffee end tables. Today we’ll write all about coffee end tables and what you might expect if you’re in the market for coffee end tables.

We’ve discussed coffee tables quite a bit on this blog, and we’ll probably talk about them a lot more as time goes by. I personally have an oak coffee table and I’m very partial to a wood coffee table generally. So you can expect me to talk about wooden coffee tables in this post, but I’ve also written about the glass top coffee table including the black glass coffee table, oval coffee tables and wooden coffee tables mostly.

Modern coffee end tables

Modern coffee tables and the contemporary coffee table in particular are much sought after and make terrific coffee end tables. So let’s get right to it. Obviously, if you’re looking for coffee end tables then you aren’t looking for a large coffee table. As I’ve spoken about before, there aren’t really standardized sizes for coffee tables or furniture generally. But certainly, a coffee end table is going to be smaller than a coffee table and will generally be a square coffee table, though this is certainly not a rule.

For example, the Winsome Wood Genoa end table that is available at Amazon for less than a hundred bucks is a round coffee end table that has a diameter of around 20 inches. But it should make sense that coffee end tables are generally square, rectangular or round. At least that is the shape of them that I’ve seen.

Sizes of coffee end tables

That size of that round coffee table would be a good guide as to what is an average size for coffee end tables. Even if they are square or rectangular, I wouldn’t expect to see the longest size any longer than around 24″ or 2 feet. Longer than that and you’re really getting into a regular sized coffee table. Unless of course you have a huge suite of lounge furniture that is modern and contemporary in design with a huge footprint. In that case, you’re probably going to shop where you bought that designer furniture in the first place.

And I guess I’d like to leave ¬†you with this last tip if you will. Whether you’re looking for a rustic coffee table or trunk coffee table or even an antique coffee table, when it comes to coffee and end tables and any furniture really, you need to take not only your home’s decor into consideration but also the size of the spaces that you have.

If you prefer a modern and contemporary look then you’ll probably go for glass coffee end tables that are minimalist and clean in design which will leave you plenty of space. Space is a key ingredient in the function of your decor and what it represents. If you prefer a warm modern but inviting feel then oak end tables that are bigger with perhaps more elaborate designs should be your choice.

Oak furniture and oak coffee tables generally will offer brightness and warmth to a room whether it is fully furnished or sparsely furnished. So take the time to cast your mind to the decor and function that you are trying to achieve, and then your coffee end tables will meet and exceed your expectations.