Coffee Effects: Does Coffee Cause Inflammation?

There are many effects that are attributed to coffee drinking. Some of these effects have been scientifically verified while some are still just ideas that have not been confirmed. Some people don’t drink coffee because of the supposed negative effects that it can cause to the body. Here are some of the supposed effects of coffee on our body:

Does Coffee Cause Inflammation?-
A recent scientific study conducted in Greece points out the fact that coffee is a potential factor in increasing inflammation in the body. The study indicates that those who drink more than one cup of coffee everyday are at risk of higher inflammation. The study though is inconclusive and needs to be backed up by other research.

Can Coffee Cause Chest Pains?
– Another controversial claim being made for coffee is that it can cause chest pains. Some people report that they feel chest pains right after drinking coffee. This can be caused by the stimulating effect of coffee. The chest pains can come from the fact that coffee can cause inflammation of the airways and the lungs which can cause the tightness in the chest. It can also lead to palpitations of the heart.

Does Coffee Cause Cancer?
– One of the most controversial effects of coffee drinking that has been raised is about the possibility that it can actually cause cancer. This concern was raised when the World Health Organization categorized coffee as a possible carcinogen. This labeling is kind of misleading since there are other stuff that are potentially more cancerous than drinking coffee. This is in fact in direct opposition with some findings which point out that coffee can help in preventing cancer.

Can Caffeine Cause Hallucinations?– The active ingredient of coffee is caffeine. It is the one that is responsible for the benefits that can be derived from this amazing beverage. It is responsible for the stimulating effect of coffee drinking. There has been a concern that has been raised regarding the effects of caffeine on the mind. There are those who are concerned that it can have a bad psychoactive effect and cause some hallucinations. A scientific study has confirmed that people who drink more than three cups of coffee everyday are likely to experience hallucinations. This would include hearing voices and seeing things that do not exist. This effect is not something that is exclusive to coffee. Almost anything that has caffeine in it can cause this effect.

Can Caffeine Cause Anxiety?– The answer to this is yes, too much coffee and caffeine can bring on the symptoms of anxiety. This is called coffee anxiety. Research shows that moderate coffee consumption is not harmful to the health but when it becomes excessive then all the problems of the habit kicks in. The symptoms of coffee anxiety would include increased heart rate and tremor of the hands.

These are just some of the supposed effects of coffee on health, some of them are just rumors without any basis while others tell the truth.