Best Choices In Coffee And Espresso Makers

Today I want to discuss 3 coffee and espresso makers that I think would make a terrific addition to practically any home. These are amongst the best choices because they are all unique and different and offer advantages distinct from each other. Depending on what you are looking for, each of the following coffee and espresso makers are able to brew both coffee and espresso to varying degrees. And sometimes you just want an espresso cappuccino and sometimes you just want a French press coffee. A nice strong coffee with a delicious flavor profile and robust feel. Don’t forget to bring your favorite espresso cups and saucers along for the ride. We’re about to enjoy some very tasty coffee beans and espresso beverages.

The 3 best coffee and espresso makers

First up is the really cool and very handy travel companion. The Aeropress coffee and espresso maker as can be seen in the image to the left. If you want to buy it or check it out in further detail, then click here to be taken over to Amazon. The Aeropress is one of those coffee and espresso makers that gets a lot of positive feedback. Over 603 5 star reviews. We coffee lovers are passionate about our coffee and the Aeropress makes delicious coffee with a very unique and interesting method. You add a filter to the unit and then add the coffee grounds. You fill up with the amount of hot water you require for your coffee or espresso and let it mix for around 10 seconds. Then you push the plunger down which through air pressure extracts the coffee practically sediment free in about 20 seconds. The great thing about the Aeropress coffee maker is that it is BPA plastic free so it travels very well on vacations, camping etc, and you can use any type of coffee that you wish. 100 Kona coffee to regular Brazilian coffee and espresso coffee beans too. It all comes out delicious in this easy to clean unit.

Next up is something along the more traditional semi automatic espresso machines and this is the Mr Coffee espresso maker. I know, who woulda thunk it, that Mr. Coffee makes an espresso machine. And this is an incredibly cheap steam driven espresso maker. Click here to visit Amazon for more details or to buy it. As you can see from the image to the left, this is a very basic espresso maker, but it is because of it’s simplicity that it is so versatile. I’m a fan of the manual espresso makers like this. You can play around with your espresso tamper and the pressure you put into compacting the beans. They are also easy to clean and use. This Mr Coffee¬†espresso¬†machine will brew up to 20 ounces of espresso, so you can make a very tasty American drink or a few espresso shots for you and your friends. As I write this, it is around $30 at Amazon for a savings of 25% off retail. Plus you get free shipping.

Last but not the least of the coffee and espresso makers

Our last of the best coffee and espresso makers is the Bialetti espresso maker that you again see to your left. Click here to buy it from Amazon with FREE shipping. I’m a huge fan of the stove top espresso maker. The coffee French press and this stovetop espresso maker or Moka pot are probably my 2 favorite ways of making coffee. All you need for this Bialetti espresso machine is a stove or fire even. Stove top espresso makers last forever and don’t have any mechanical parts to break down. I’ve had mine for many years, and they seem to age or season and become even better at delivering delicious coffee as you use them to brew more coffee. This is the original stovetop espresso maker, it was Bialetti who invented it and now offers it in various sizes from 1 cup to 12 cups. These are 2 ounces espresso cup sizes. I think everyone should own a stove top espresso pot or macchinetta (little machine):)

There you have it folks, 3 of the best coffee and espresso makers for your kind consideration. You should buy coffee and espresso makers for all your friends but more importantly for yourself. Bottoms up.