Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Is your mouth watering just looking at that title called chocolate covered coffee beans? I’m getting hungry just thinking about it and writing about it. My mouth is watering and I wish I had some chocolate covered espresso beans to munch on as I write this enjoyable post for you.

Coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven. A matrimony that has lasted practically since humans have enjoyed coffee. It’s been a loyal and monogamous relationship. There is just something about the flavors of both coffee and chocolate that work so well together. I love both of them. If I have 2 vices, they are coffee and chocolate. Especially dark chocolate and dark coffee beans or dark espresso coffee beans.

Coffee and chocolate covered coffee beans

As with any type of coffee beverage and the same can certainly be said for chocolate, you want the best quality products if you’re going to enjoy this pairing to its fullest. Having said this, the best chocolate covered coffee beans are going to be made of course with the finest Arabica coffee beans. Arabica as you know is a type of coffee bean. The 2 most well known and most used in the world are Arabica coffee beans and Robusta coffee beans. Arabica are considered the best. This is due to 2 main reasons. The first is, that Arabica beans have less caffeine, around 50% or less caffeine. Arabica also are quite a bit less bitter than Robusta beans.

So if you are really serious about enjoying some quality chocolate covered coffee beans, you most certainly want the bean to be Arabica. And if I can offer a suggestion, dark chocolate covered espresso beans are in my mind the tastiest.

The darker a bean is roasted the less fiber is left on it and the more sugary the oils and flavors become. This really enhances the mutually dark flavors of a nice 70% dark chocolate. They work very well together. I am a huge fan of the dark roasts like a nicely done French roast coffee bean or Italian roast coffee or as said before the espresso roasts with a dark chocolate coating. It is important to make sure that the chocolate is a pure and decent chocolate, not filled with fillers like lecithin and butter fat or other nonsense like that.

Milk chocolate covered coffee beans

If you really prefer milk chocolate covered coffee beans then you might want to consider the lighter or medium roasted coffee beans. Again, you’ll want to have the finest Arabica coffee beans with a Colombian roast, and of course you want the best milk chocolate that money can buy.

Also something to consider for a rare treat if you can find them are to enjoy some chocolate covered Kona coffee beans. Kona coffee beans are expensive as you know, but they work very well with either milk chocolate or dark chocolate depending on your preference. You can expect to pay at least twice as much for a pound of Kona beans as you would pay for a pound of another decent coffee roast. So expect to pay around twice for chocolate covered Kona coffee beans as you would for other premium beans.

Lastly, as I get older and more concerned about our environment I become more interested in how our food and beverages are made and what is put into them. I’m moving more and more towards organic foods and organic coffee. With this in mind I’ve found some really nice chocolate covered organic coffee beans where both the chocolate and the coffee beans are organic. Chocolate covered coffee beans require just two words – bon appetit!