Capresso Infinity

Today we spend some time with the Capresso Infinity. We’ve spoken before about burr coffee grinders and the manual coffee grinder as well as the KitchenAid coffee grinder. You’ll also know that I’ve written about the Jura coffee machine including the Capresso MT500 as well as Jura Capresso in a broad sense and their many semi automatic espresso machines that do all the grinding of the coffee beans for you.

So today we turn ourselves towards the Capresso Infinity grinder which will arguably be an important appliance for all of you who don’t have automatic espresso machines or bean to cup coffee machines. And in all honesty, a Capresso Infinity burr grinder is probably not a bad idea even if you have a fully automatic cappuccino machine but you have a coffee maker that doesn’t grind the beans for you. In such a case, the Capresso coffee grinder is going to be a fine choice.

Not wanting to exclude anybody, some of you might have both a bean to cup coffee machine, a semi automatic espresso machine and maybe even a Senseo pod coffee maker, but you want to make your own coffee pods. For this you will need a Capresso Infinity coffee grinder, or other coffee grinder for that matter, but we’re talking about the Capresso Infinity today so I’ll be using that term.

Items to have in addition to the Capresso Infinity

Just a couple of other ┬áitems that you’ll need in order to enjoy your Capresso Infinity fully would be some espresso machine accessories including an espresso tamper, coffee spoon and perhaps a stainless steel French Press if that is how you like your coffee or your regular drip coffee maker.

Looking at the Capresso Infinity conical burr grinder I notice that it comes with a measuring scoop. However, I always like to have my own stainless steel coffee spoon, most of the ones that come with coffee grinders and coffee makers are cheap plastic. Now before we get going, you can get your Capresso Infinity at Amazon, and I choose Amazon because they have great prices and reliable service. So if you don’t want to keep reading about all the features of the Capresso Infinity then feel free to ditch me for Amazon.

Features of the Capresso Infinity

Okay back to business. The Capresso Infinity coffee grinder is available in 3 versions. They are priced from 90 dollars to 140 dollars depending on the finish and they all have the same features. The least expensive of the 3 grinders is ABS plastic in black. The most expensive is metal with a stainless steel finish. Honestly, the one I’d get would be the plastic one as I’m just not a big fan of the trend towards stainless steel appliances, they get dirty hold smudgy fingerprints so easily.

The Capresso Infinity is a conical burr grinder which if you’ve read my other posts on coffee grinders you’ll know is my favorite kind. They last super long. Think of 2 pine cones that are held together and rotate against each other and you’ll understand how a burr coffee grinder works. Putting a coffee bean between these 2 burrs (pine cones) as they rotate and the coffee bean gets squashed and torn apart. Coffee grinders that have burrs grind coffee to a very consistent grind and have fineness setting from espresso to French press. Blade coffee grinders on the other hand heat up the coffee beans because the blades spin so fast and they chop up the coffee unevenly.

Some of the nice benefits of the Capresso conical burr grinder is that they use extremely slow revs to grind and tear the coffee. The Capresso Infinity boasts the slowest revs for a home based conical burr grinder at less than 450 rpm. It also boasts the lowest noise in this segment of burr grinders too. If you’ve ever owned a burr grinder before, you’ll know just how noisy that they can be. And if you needed any last push as to why the Capresso Infinity is such a terrific coffee burr grinder, they burrs are laser guided, computer controlled precision cut and hand assembled in Switzerland.