Can Coffee Trigger a Heart Attack?

Coffee ranks highly as one of the most popular beverage on the planet. Aside from the fact that a lot of people enjoy its taste and flavour, many rely on its stimulating properties in order to fuel them and give them the necessary boosts in order for them to finish their tasks. This effect is caused by the caffeine which can be found in coffee. It triggers a chemical process in the brain which can remove the drowsiness that we feel. This can make it vital for keeping the level of alertness that we need.

Can Coffee Trigger a Heart Attack?
– One of the more controversial findings in recent years is the connection between coffee and heart problems. Some studies claim that there is a direct connection between coffee drinking and the occurrence of heart diseases. A scientific study conducted by researchers from Brown University and Harvard University seem to point out that coffee drinking can be a cause for heart attacks. The intriguing part of their finding however is the fact that those who are at risk are not the regular coffee drinkers or even those who consume more than the average. Rather the ones who are running the risk of a heart attack because of coffee are the light coffee drinkers.

The Study- The study was conducted among over 500 coffee drinkers from Costa Rica who had some form of mild heart attack. The researchers took note of drinking habit and from the data they were able to find the connection between the coffee drinking and the occurrence of heart attack.

The Risk- The risk is actually a short term one caused by an increase in the blood pressure. Occasional coffee drinkers increase their chances of having a heart attack by almost 60% after drinking coffee while heavy drinkers seem to be unaffected by it. It is not clear as to why this is the case but it seems that light drinkers of coffee are not as accustomed to the effects of caffeine to the body than the heavy drinkers. The researcher goes further by suggesting that light coffee drinkers should just consider quitting coffee drinking altogether.

Other Risks- While that is bad news for those who drink coffee occasionally it can be seen as a good news for coffee lovers. Either drink it regularly or don’t drink coffee at all, seems to be the motto that is being pointed out by the study. But the risk of a heart attack is not the only health concern that you should be aware of when drinking coffee. There are some other effects that you should think about as well. Another health risk brought about by coffee drinking is the loss of bone density. Because coffee is a diuretic which means it causes you the urination cycle to increase which causes calcium can be washed away from the bones causing it to weaken. Caffeine can also cause a form of sleep disturbance which can lead to insomnia if it is left untreated.