Can Coffee Make You Lose Weight

Coffee deserves to be one of the most popular beverages in the whole world. It offers excellent flavour and of course it delivers that powerful stimulation that we are all looking for. As a drink it is also quite controversial today. People are still debating whether it is beneficial to our health or not.

The Coffee Question- So is coffee good for the health or not? Coffee lovers would say that it is full of health benefits that are packed within the beans. The thing is that it is almost an even split between those who believe that coffee is beneficial and those that say it can be harmful. One such question is about the effect of coffee when it comes to cancer. There are those who say that it can help prevent some forms of cancer then there are those who claim that it can actually cause them. So if you are someone who would like to find out more about coffee and it effects then you might get confused with it all. There are other health matters where it is really unclear whether coffee can be beneficial or not. That includes its effect on cardiovascular health and on losing weight.

Can Coffee Make You Lose Weight- Understandably, one of the most controversial effects of coffee that is being discussed right now is its effects when it comes to weight loss. Since there is a tremendous amount of interest for anything that can help in weight loss and in fitness people get excited when they hear that coffee can help in losing a few extra pounds.

Some studies have confirmed that coffee or caffeine can contribute in losing weight. It is not clear yet as to why it has that effect but there are a few on-going theories. Here are some of them:

Appetite Reduction- One of the main causes viewed by experts as to why coffee causes weight reduction is because it reduces appetite. The suppression of appetite is only for a short time however and there is no evidence yet that it can have the same effect for an extended period of time.

Burning of Calories-
Another idea as to how coffee can help those who want to be fit and sexy is that it actually triggers calorie burning in the body. This process is known as thermogenesis. It is the process by which the body gets heat from the food that we eat. Coffee or the caffeine that can be found in it promotes this process by burning up more calories than usual.

Fluid Loss
– Coffee is a diuretic. That means that it can speed upon the processing of fluids in your body causing you to urinate more than usual. The fluid that you lose that way can be a significant part of your body weight. Although this is a clear weight loss effect it might not be the kind that you desire since what you’re losing is not the extra fat that can be found in your body, but fluids instead.