Can Coffee Give You a Heart Attack?

We all love drinking coffee. We love drinking it mainly because of its stimulating effect to the body. When we are at work and we need an excellent way to stimulate our bodies we can only rely on coffee to keep us going and healthy. What gives coffee this useful effect? It is the caffeine content in it. Caffeine acts on the brain blocking the substance that causes drowsiness causing us to stay awake longer than usual.

Coffee Effects– Aside from being a good stimulating drug, coffee has some other effects as well. Here are some of the more common effects that coffee has on our bodies:

  • Coffee has been proven to be effective in preventing the decline in cognitive skills. Tests have shown that those who drink coffee have been proven to score a lot better in tests involving the memory and other cognitive skills. There has been no evidence however showing that it can prevent the onset of dementia although some suggest that it can slow it down. Tests are also promising in regards with effect of coffee in preventing Parkinson’s disease.
  • Researchers have discovered that coffee is effective in preventing the development of disease that causes eye spams that are involuntary. This disease can cause blindness in more severe cases.
  • Brewed coffee is rich in fiber which makes it an excellent drink for promoting a healthy digestion. It can fight constipation and control cholesterol level on the body.
  • New research is showing that coffee can have some good benefits in fighting skin cancer. These studies are showing that coffee drinking can reduce the risk of having skin cancer significantly. With the right amount of exercise it has been proven that coffee can reduce the risk of skin cancer by as much as 400%.

Can Coffee Give You a Heart Attack?– The effect of coffee on the cardiovascular system is one that is riddled full of controversy. There are those who say that it is beneficial while are others claiming that it is bad. It has been proven that drinking coffee can cause the heart rate to increase and blood pressure to go up. The constant increase in heart rate can not be good on the long run as it may be a cause for a development of heart conditions.

In regards the question whether coffee can cause heart attack, studies are being conducted right now in order to find the truth behind all of it. One finding argues that coffee can actually trigger a cardiac arrest in as little as an hour after drinking a cup. The findings have shown that those who are at risk of having some heart problems already, like those who follow an unhealthy lifestyle, or those who use do not exercise regularly increase their risk of having a heart attack when they drink coffee. So for those who do not have a regular exercise it is better not to drink any coffee at all.

These are just some of the latest findings regarding coffee and it effects on us.