Can Coffee Filters Be Composted? Other Uses For Coffee Grounds

If you are a coffee lover then you might have a great amount of used coffee grounds and even used coffee filters lying around in your place. Don’t you worry because there are plenty of uses for those materials and those uses are environmentally friendly as well. Here are just a few of those uses:

Can Coffee Filters Be Composted- The answer of course is yes, it can be composted together with the used coffee grounds from your kitchen. Here are the steps that you can follow in composting those two waste products produced by your coffee drinking:

1. Collect all of your used coffee grounds and coffee filters in a container. Each time that you empty the material from your coffee maker you can just dump it into your container. Just make sure that the container that you are using for the purpose has a close fitting lid.

2. You can combine the other scraps that you have from the kitchen, but again the important thing is that the container should have a lid.

3. Now, you can place all of the materials inside the compost bin that you use. Place the coffee materials on top, making sure to spread them out evenly.

4. Mix in some other organic materials with the coffee filter and grounds. Be sure that there is more of the dried leaves and materials like it than the coffee grounds. Placing dried leaves on top of the coffee grounds will ensure that few pests and insects will be attracted by the compost. It can also reduce the chance that there is going to be some unpleasant odour from it.

5. If you are composting your coffee filters be sure that they are not of the bleached type as the bleach can leach into your compost.

Other Uses For Coffee Grounds- Here are also some other uses for coffee grounds that you can try if you are not into composting:

Deodorizer- You can use the dried out used coffee grounds as a deodorizer in your refrigerator. You can also use it on your hands if you acquired some unpleasant smell while preparing food.

Ant Repellent– Ants hate the scent of coffee so you can place them on the spots where they frequent and you can be sure that they will stay away.

Scratch Cover- You can also use them to cover up any scratches that your furniture might have. You can steep the grounds on water and then apply the liquid in order to remove the scratches that it might have.

Cleansers- You can use them to scour greasy and grimy cooking pots. They are excellent for this purpose since they are abrasive.

Dust Control- When cleaning your fireplace then you can throw in some used coffee grounds in order to control the ashes and the dust from spreading.

These are just some of the uses that you can have for the used coffee grounds that you might have in your place. As you can see they can serve a lot of purpose.