Can Coffee Cause Joint Pain?

Is coffee beneficial for the health or is it something that we should stay away from? With today’s technology and the scientist’s ability to analyse almost anything you would suppose that they would have figured this one out by now, but surprisingly enough the question seems to be as muddled as before. While some studies point out that coffee can be beneficial, others claim that it has some negative effects on the body. So which is which? Is it good or is it bad?

Coffee Effects- For example, can coffee cause joint pain? In 2000 a study was published claiming that there were some findings pointing to the negative effect of coffee when it comes to causing arthritis. That study caused a lot of stir. Is coffee really a primary cause for the hated disease? Studies however since that research was released point out to the fact that coffee does have some benefits when it comes to relieving arthritis. So these are two opposing point of views. Which one is actually true?

The Negative Effect-
The study that presumably created the idea found out that the amount of coffee that a person drinks each day is in direct proportion of the risk that he is running already. The study came up with a formula where it states that a person who drinks four cups of coffee during the entire day is twice more likely to develop this kind of disease when compared with someone who is not a coffee drinker.

Causes- It is actually unclear as to what can cause this effect in coffee. In fact it was discovered recently that it is not the caffeine content that increases the risk of arthritis because the same effect was arrived at with decaffeinated coffee. But what is known is that coffee can worsen the inflammation caused by arthritis and so it is not really recommended for someone who suffers from the disease.

Good News- The great new is that more recent studies are unable to duplicate the results claimed for the negative effects of coffee. This just means that there is actually a chance that you can drink all the coffee that you need. In fact other studies are proving that coffee is in fact beneficial to those who are suffering from arthritis. It was discovered that caffeine can reduce the level of uric acid in the blood which is a major cause of gout, another form of arthritis. Are you getting confused now? How can scientific studies arrive at two findings that are exactly the opposite of each other? Don’t worry such things have happened before. The only thing that can really be done in this case is to wait for more research and wait for their findings.

It is kind of comforting to know though that the evidence is pointing to the fact that coffee may indeed be the healthy and beneficial drink that coffee lovers have always thought that it is. This does not apply only to arthritis but to other diseases as well like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and even heart problems.